Which is better?

I should be packing.  Or at least organizing.  Instead, I’m glued to the loveseat and the computer.  It’s because I can’t decide ‘just what to do’.  I’ve been circling the living room, kitchen and one of the spare bedrooms, moving this, repositioning that, and generally not getting much done.  

For example:  I found two large clear food storage containers — the kind you’d put cereal or pasta or rice or something in.  Maybe flour, coffee or tea.  When packed, they’ll take up a lot of space.  And they’re empty inside… so… what can I put inside of them to make them multifunctional?    I took some spices off my small Spicy Susan (a lazy susan laden with spices — a term of my own invention, BTW) and shoved them into one of the containers — the smaller one.  I doubt I’ll use cloves cayenne pepper or stick cinnamon before I move.  But then I found something that belonged in my bedroom, so I went up there, where I found a book.  I wonder if I can get any money by selling this old French novel? so I came down to the living room and googles “selling used books” and looked up the book in question.  It seems no one is buying Le Malade Imaginaire by Moliere.  <sigh>  So I picked up a few things on the coffee table and then noticed an empty box that might hold paperbacks, so I went upstairs where I have a partially filled box of books, and indeed, it was a good size for books.  Then I noticed the nice, tall black boots that have been sitting in the bedroom.  They’re size 5 and sadly, I am no longer that size.  Just for kicks I brought them downstairs to try on, and though they went on my foot, there was NO WAY I could zip them up.  I’ll sell them! I thought, so I went out to the garage to start a Things To Sell box.  The old wooden-wheel (not actual wood) roller skates I found in the garage that are also size 5 went in the box too.  So I came back into the house and stood in the kitchen wondering what to do next.  Then I spied the bag of “baked chips” that were in the pantry and I thought I’d have a snack.  Except the bag tore when I originally opened it and each time my hand went in the tear got a little larger.  So I transferred the chips to a baggie — but no longer wanted to snack on them.  (they’re not all that good, but they were free and I rarely say NO to free food especially when it’s chips!)  

The previous post For Sale had me looking for some clip art online this morning.  That led me to look up pricing on U-Haul, Public Storage, and other such moving necessities that I will be needing.  Moving is NOT for the feint of heart!  These were good things to get done, as I’d eventually need to do them anyway.  I also went online and paid some bills.  Always a good thing!

So as you see, I’m not really getting much done.  But I could get interested in crochet.  I may or may not have mentioned that I’m in the middle of a crochet frenzy where I’m making blankets for a couple of people who are buying them from me.  I can use the money, so I’m trying to crochet as fast as I can.  A few months ago, however, I realized that I was crocheting all the time and not doing any packing.  So I decided to ONLY crochet when I was watching TV in bed from then on.  But right now I’m perhaps 8 rows away from being finished with another blanket, and I’m really anxious to get some of the others done (or started — one lady ordered 8 (or 9?) from me and I still have about 4 left to do for her).

But I wonder… is it better for me to sit down and actually finish a blanket or should I wander around the house for another few hours wondering “what should I do next”?  So… I sat down to write a blog post!  Maybe I should hire some elves to do my work?  Do you think they’d work for chips?

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2 Responses to Which is better?

  1. Christine Heusinger says:

    Put down the crochet; step away from the computer and the chips; and go pack up TWO boxes before you do anything even remotely pleasant.

  2. kmsoverton says:

    We’ve all been in that position. I tend to do the same things too. It’s so nice to pack alone. Others often tell you “if in doubt, Throw it out.”. That’s what I always heard

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