The Spirit is Willing…

In the Gospel of Matthew we hear that “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  And boy oh boy is that true!  I’m sure you feel the same way.  You know you shouldn’t have an entire <pie, pizza, box of cookies, 6′ sub, container of ice cream, etc.> but it’s just so good that you do it anyway.  (And NO, this is not something I do, but it IS something I want to do!  I just feel too guilty to actually go through with it!)  You know you shouldn’t stay up late and watch the end of that movie because you’ve only seen it like 1000 times before… but you do it.  You know you shouldn’t get irritated at the cashier at Joann’s because it’s taking forever for the lady she’s checking with1 million strings of beads and is questioning the price on every single one, but you do it anyway.  (my homage to my 2 years @ Job 2)  So, in essence, your spirit was willing to know better, but there’s a part of your brain that overrules your brain and cancels out all your intentions to do the right thing.  Or, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Same thing, right?

Every night I “plan” my next day before I drop suddenly off the cliff into the deep ravine of sleep.  (That’s what it feels like… one minute I’m wide awake and the next thing I know it’s morning.  I’ll put a show on TV, set the timer for 30 minutes and never make it past the first commercial.)  But what I’m going to do the next day depends on a few things:  What day of the week it is (I work from 2-4 PM 2 days a week, so will it be one of those two days?). am I scheduled to meet any friends (for dinner, don’tcha know.  This quite likely requires hairwashing/blowdrying, which means a minimum of 75 minutes… better give me 90), or am I going to church or a church-function?  Do I have errands to do, and if so, how many?  

What do I plan to do?  Well, today it was laundry, tidying the kitchen (including emptying the dishwasher), going online to check the supermarket sales for this week,  laundryand organizing (and perhaps relocating) boxes in the living room, which is piled waist high in boxes, filled and partly filled.  Today’s one of my work days, so I don’t want to work up “too much of a sweat”.  (I showered last night!) How’s it going?  I’m typing a blog… that’s how it’s going.  (well, ok, the laundry is in the washer too!)  Sometimes, blog paragraphs write themselves in my head while I’m doing other things; making coffee, in the shower, while I’m in the car doing errands, and so on.  I repeat them to my self over and over so I can remember them until I get to the keyboard.  And by then, the paragraph has gone through several revisions, and rarely gets typed the same way it started out in my head.  So, when it’s a particularly annoying paragraph, I try to get it ‘on paper’ as soon as I can.  (I do prefer keyboard to actual paper, but it’s the same theory.)

But back to that spirit… I’ve mentioned that I’m moving, and my SPIRIT is willing… my jeanniespirit is WANTING to pack and be moved.  What I really want is a Jeannie, or a Samantha to blink or twitch and all my belongings would magically float or just appear in the appropriate boxes, which would then tape themselves up, label themselves, and stack themselves by category.  Sigh… wouldn’t that be magnificent?  Really!  All my troubles would be packed into that ‘kit bag’ and I could smile, smile, smile!  What would really be wonderful is if they could then magically transport my belongings to their new ‘final destination’ for me.  That would be just peachy — and less expensive!

The flesh on the other hand, is sitting on the loveseat typing away.  Wording and IMG_0392rewording, (looking up just what a “kit bag” is in case anyone asks), wondering if I should make more coffee at 11:00 or not (or not is winning out… I’ll just start to think about lunch instead!) The flesh would rather be sitting on the chair crocheting one of the 6 blankets that need to be done.  Ok, only 1 needs to be done before the move, but the more I get done before that the better!

By the time I’m to get ready for work, I managed to do the laundry (and mostly put it away!), I emptied the dishwasher,  and I checked the store ads online.  <blech>  Oh, and I had lunch to sustain me through my grueling 2 hours of work!  But I’m already thinking, “hey you, what’s for dinner?”  The meat I had intended to cook didn’t look so good, so it’s getting 86’d.  [Interesting… look that term up!]  But the packing and the purging?  No, I haven’t done any.  Maybe after work I’ll be more ambitious?  We’ll see.

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1 Response to The Spirit is Willing…

  1. kmsoverton says:

    Your stream of consciousness style, first person, is an effective and sweet technique.

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