Does Everybody Know What Time It Is??

That’s right… it’s time for the TOUR DE FRANCE!  I’m excited and disappointed at the same time.  tour

I’m excited for the reason I am every year.  Seeing the French countryside, watching the challenges – man against man and man against nature – and hearing the two British commentators getting all excited.  Yes, British excitement.  Something to look forward to, eh?  This year, the race starts in Dusseldorf, Germany, so I’m hoping to see some lovely German countryside. 

I’m disappointed because the team I normally follow won’t have any American riders.  Bummer.  There will be other Americans, just not on the team I normally root for.  Also, some of the non-American riders that I dislike immensely are going to be back.  They’re frontrunners, and I’ll be hearing their names a lot.  The only thing I can hope for is that they lose a tire, get their bikes mangled in a crash and lose an insurmountable amount of time or get the flu.  I could wish them worse, but I would never wish for anyone to get seriously hurt or fall over the edge of a mountain.  Even them. 

And so my month-long obsession begins on July 1.  Normally, I’m glued to the TV every morning to see the ‘live’ race and again every evening to see the same thing on tape.  I’m really curious to see if that’s what I’ll do this year.  You are too… I can tell!

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One Response to Does Everybody Know What Time It Is??

  1. kmsoverton says:

    You must have so French genes in you..

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