Hitting Reset



I’m trying to ‘reset’ myself. 

I had a pretty good routine going and then had an accident, followed by 2+ weeks without air conditioning (in Atlanta metro, mid-September) followed by two just over a week “indisposed” for many hours of the day and night, most likely a result of medication prescribed for the pain incurred during the accident.   The way to ‘cure’ the indisposition was to stop taking the medicine that was disguising the pain from the accident.  So I stopped taking the medication and the pain came back. 

The pain isn’t so evident during the daytime so I’ve been wanting to resume my winning routine.  But I’ve been leery of overdoing the area of the pain, and making excuses for not starting. 

BUT… today was Monday and what better day to begin a ‘reset’?

There’s a lot that needs resetting, as I’m doing a lot.  Exercise, diet, cleaning, packing, cooking, job hunting.  And as I cleaned up after making lunch – a tasty salad – I realized… I don’t have to restart it all at once

I expect me to be perfect all the time. I expected to be able to just resume the routine I was keeping overnight… but no… it can’t be done.  Well… maybe it can.  but not by me.

It’s now three months later… why?

Well, a few weeks after I started this entry, I had a birthday.  And you can’t diet on or immediately after your birthday (there’s always leftover cake, right?) Then Kathy had her annual Halloween Party.  In early November, I started to think about going to New Jersey for Thanksgiving.  A  l-o-n-g Thanksgiving week.  Since I was planning to drive, that meant I could take a lot of stuff with me.  Christmas giftys, baking supplies, outfits to get a 2nd opinion on, warm clothes (in case it got cold), light clothes (in case it got hot), several crochet projects, and so on.  The planning / listing thereof and subsequent packing-of-the-car process occupied much of my time.  No time for exercise or packing.  I returned from NJ at the very end of November and… wouldn’t you know it – I had a Christmas social calendar unlike any I’ve had in decades. 

So… here it is, three months later and, coincidentally, the height of the January resolution making season.  I don’t usually make real resolutions, but this year was different.  I anticipate being in a new state before the end of the year (FAR before the end of the year!)  Lots of work has to happen for that to come true.

I need to rock myself back and forth to get going again.  Yesterday, I walked again for the first time since November.  It was a foggy, potentially rainy morning, but I persevered.  I also baked an apple pie, using up the apples I bought to bake for Christmas (but never did).  Paying some bills was on yesterday’s list, but…. Nah… that didn’t happen.  The pie was delicious, by the way.

Today was day two of my ‘reset’.  I did three things today.  (Walk, pay those bills, and cook a roast pork.)  I’m trying to set up my bullet journal 2017 but I’m not feeling it.  (So I’ve been browsing Pinterest to find a layout I like.  Trouble is, I like them ALL!)

I’m making lists – which is one of my best things – and scanning the house for things that can be done, packing-wise.  I’m looking at job search sites, but only wanting something that’s a lot closer to home than my previous position was. 

There’s some forward momentum going on.  Let’s see how long it continues! 

Happy New Year to both my readers!

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One Response to Hitting Reset

  1. kmsoverton says:

    So I didn’t know you had a car accident….

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