yellowdaisyOr is that Yellow Daysy Dais?  Whichever you prefer, it’s a GIANT craft boutique and show in the Atlanta area held in early September — and I’m going on Friday!  Yep.  A carload of ladies from church are strapping on some comfy shoes, stuffing some cash & credit cards in our pockets and heading out to see what kind of crafty crafts people have been up to.

What do they have?  They have belt-making, jewelry, children’s clothes, tshirt quilts, jams & jellies, A FOOD COURT, Christmas decorations, yard doohinkeys, quilty handbags, sugar scrubby things, a MAN DEN (a big pavilion with picnic-type tables and a large screen TV — a place to dump the hubby while you go on your merry way!).  They have stuff to wear, stuff to eat, stuff to display in your yard or home.  Stuff for Halloween, Christmas or every day.  Manly stuff and frilly stuff.  Stuff made out of old license plates and hubcaps and stuff made out of lace and rhinestones.  Really — pretty much anything you can imagine that can be made you can find there.


My mom and I discovered it a few years ago and I think this is my 4th or 5th outing.  Early September in Georgia tends to be HOT, and fortunately, it’s ‘mostly’ under the trees of Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park.

Last year, a carload of us went on Friday morning.  Friday is the day I don’t have to be at work until noon.  Unfortunately, I could not “get around that” last year, and at noon, we found ourselves zooming back to my place of work to arrive by the appointed hour — 12:30.  Two of us went back the next morning to “do the other half” of the event.  We got there prior to the announced opening time and were let in to find the pathways virtually deserted and the vendors ready to sell!  This is the scenario we are counting on when we go tomorrow.


This is what it will look like later in the day.

It iS aMaZInG the things people will craft.  You look at some of the articles and go “Wow.  I never thought of using <fill in the blank> to make a <fill in the blank>”  (For example, I never thought of using a hub cap to make a bird feeder…)

There’s live music and (some) stuff for kids to do, but this is just filler for us.  We’re there for the crafty crafts.

If you are a crafter and looking for ideas or if you don’t craft but love unique, hand-made gifts, this is the place to be for four days in September.

Gotta go stash my money and make my shopping list!  I’ll letcha know what I bought!

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