I’ll Never Make any Monet

I like Art.  I’m not a big, in-your-face artsy person, but I enjoy art.  I didn’t especially care for looking at The Blue Boy when I was in grade school, or pre-Columbian art in college, but somewhere in the middle I learned about Monet, Degas, Mondrian, Seurat, O’Keeffe, Tiffany, the Hudson River School, Rockwell, Adams and others.

I’ve long wished I could be artistic.  flower2Here is an example of something travoltaI have drawn myself.  In case there’s any doubt, it’s a sunflower.  Also, my stick people are very good.  Ok, so now you see the problem.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to “Artsy Stuffsy”.  It contains pencilsseveral different styles of “art” including watercolors, old Masters, stained glass and photography.  Oh, and Street Art.  There are some very clever examples of street art — such as this —  I love it!  Jolly Green Giant pencils!

I thrill at the magnificence of Ansel Adams’ work and am wide-eyed looking at the vibrant colored flowers of Georgia O’Keeffe.  I was fortunate to be able to see Sunday Afternoon at la Grande Jatte in person and it is E-NORMOUS!  I cannot imagine the forethought (not to mention time, although I just mentioned it!) it took to make all those tiny little colored dots to make up that huge canvas!  And to make them come out right!  I’m going to give it a try on paper… “Paint” is just not the right medium for pointillism!…or maybe not.  You’re seen my work… 

normanrThere’s something to be said for Norman Rockwell’s art — the simple, homespun stories he tells with his pictures of average American life.  Waiting for Santa, Falling in Love, Thanksgiving dinner.  Art conveys more than just a picture — it conveys feeling.

The Hudson River School caught me by surprise.  Being from the Hudson River area, naturally I was intrigued by the name.  When I found out the grand scope of the paintings in this superb style, I was “blown away”.  If you’re not familiar with them, go check out some of the images on your favorite search engine (mine is BING).  They show the grand majesty of the landscapes of our world…. not just the Hudson Valley.  They are showpieces in themselves, telling stories and showing us — not just a place on Earth — but a place in time.

fredandThere’s art and there’s ART.  Fred and Ginger… that’s art.  A lace wedding veil?  Art.  A beautifully decorated cake.  Art.  A flower among weeds.  Art.  A lone cloud drifting across a blue sky.  Yep.  Art.

Unfortunately, I can’t dance, make lace, decorate cakes, or grow flowers.  But I CAN appreciate the great work of those who can.

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