I Wish I Had…

I wish I had a 48 hour day every day!  I need more time for sleep, that’s for certain.  Typically, I MC900354126[1]drift off around 1AM and the clock goes off around 7.  I’m never ready.  But because it’s my routine, I’m usually awake before the alarm pings, or rattles or trills, depending on which sound my iPhone is set for.  So, sleep is one of the things I’d use my extra hours for.  Blissful, uninterrupted, non-having-to-get-up sleep.

[Note:  I wrote this on Sunday, obviously!] I would also like to try to get more done around the house.  I am both a procrastinator and a slug, therefore, things don’t get done with the speed at which I assume they will.  I thought I was going to clear the kitchen counter today, then I started cooking pork and watching the bike race.  And drinking wine.  Needless to say, the kitchen counter is still a mess.  The procrastinator in me says “maybe tomorrow”.  The slug in me says, “eh.  so what?”  Doing more around the house would be another thing I’d be grateful to get done with my extra hours.  I could organize.  I’d like to organize.  I just don’t have time.  (see procrastination & slug comment)

I should be doing more exercise.  Remember the diet?  I’m still working on it, with not much progress.  Exercise might help, but the procrastinating slug says, “wait till Fall.”  Extra hours might help.

I could read more, craft more, and pray more if I had more hours.  I do those things now, but not as much as I should or as much as I’d like to.  Yes, extra hours would be nice.

My house would be cleaner, my yard would be nicer, my deck would get use.  My craft projects would come out of their hiding places and actually become things.  Pinterest would be more than just a reference site for me.

Yes, a 48 hour day would be just lovely.  Maybe in my next life…

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