And Finally…

The last installment in my Daddy series.  Today is Daddy’s 88th birthday.  <smooch>

My Daddy died in 1984. Not the George Orwell 1984… the real one.

Ronald Reagan was president.  The Olympic games were in LA (boycotted by Russia).

A new house cost $86,000.  A gallon of gas was $1.10.  The price of a movie was $2.50.

Band Aid recorded “Do They Know it’s Christmas”.

The first 3 1/2″ computer disk was produced.  (yeah, there’s a telling sign!)telephone

I think my Dad would have liked computers.  We had an Atari Pong game.  We had a telephone with a punch card dialler (circa 1964), and he liked to use a CB radio during the CB craze.  Yes, I think he’d have an iPhone (or android) and a laptop.  I think he’d LOVE a Kindle.  I think carrying around a stack of books in one thin device would have amused him.  I know he would have loved CABLE  TV.  He was a night owl, and having all those choices of horrible programming would have been right up his alley.

Indiana Jones was just getting started, and Star Trek was Searching for Spock (#III).  We were Romancing the Stone, Ghostbust(er)ing and Splashing.  Amadeus was a big winner.  Stevie Wonder just called to say he loved us.  It was a leap year.  That Zuckerberg fella was born.  So was Ryan Lochte, Prince Harry, Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, and LeBron James.

Ray Kroc, Johnny Weismueller, Ethel Merman, Jackie Coogan, Ansel Adams, Count Basie, Andy Kaufman, Fred Waring (2), Richard Burton, Richard Deacon, Truman Capote, Oskar Werner, and Peter Lawford died.

My Daddy didn’t get to meet his 2 granddaughters.  He’d have loved them to pieces.  He never saw me be “successful” in my previous life (the one with the job).  He never saw me buy my own house.  I’m sure he knows all of this where he is now, but there’s nothing quite carol and daddy2like sharing.

My Dad and I were buds.  If you go back and read my older “Daddy” posts, you’ll know that.  I miss him daily.  I love him always.

He was my Dear Old Dad (or D.O.D. for short)  I was his Lorac.  (that’s Carol spelled backwards).  I was Caroloonka, I was Lizzie Tish.  I was Boney Maroney (in the olden days, I was a skinny thing!)  But he was always Dear Old Dad, despite what my high school friends might have found him to be.  He was gentle, loving and special.

Ok, I’ll be drinking a shot of Jameson’s for him later.  I think he’d like that too!




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