In the final year of Derek Jeter’s career as a star player with the NY Yankees, there’s jensanother star who’s stepping down – Jens Voigt.  Jens is a German cyclist who today ended his cycling career in Colorado.  Jens committed 17 years to professional cycling.  He’s held the Maillot Jaune in the Tour de France twice.  He is well known for his positive attitude.

In another profession plagued by professional drugging, Jens seems to have been able to ride clean and do well at the same time.  I like to see the comparison between him and Derek Jeter, who is also a class act, coming to an end this year.

Although Jens captured three top prizes in his last race, earlier today, I knew they wouldn’t just “let him win”.  Though I thought, what a great gesture it would have been, if all the riders had just STOPPED short of the finish line so this man could go out with the biggest bang.  I know he wouldn’t want it that way, but it would have been that fairy tale ending.

I wish Jens a great life in his “retirement”.  It sounds like he’ll be riding, not a bike, but the support cars in the future, giving his great body of knowledge of cycling to the new generation to follow.  Let’s hope they also follow his lead as a class act, not bullying, not cheating, not bad-mouthing his competition.

Thank you, Jens, for setting a great example!


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