Here Comes the Bride (& Groom)

My parents married in 1952.  I don’t know much about what Daddy was up to between his service discharge and his marriage except that he worked for Western Electric and he worked in Mechanicsville, PA at one time.

My parents were married at the Polish Catholic church.  When I asked my mother “why there?” — it wasn’t anywhere near where her family lived and it was the norm that the wedding would be at the bride’s church.  She said she did it to please her mother.  I don’t know if she had friends there, or if it looked better telling the relatives that the wedding was at such a church.  But I digress…

liz1In 1952, Elizabeth became Queen of England.  Yes, the one we have today.  Chuck’s mum.  Will’s granny.  But then, she was brand-spanking-new!  See how her diamonds sparkle!  The original Princess!

You’ve all seen the newsreels — after WWII, all the men come marchin’ home and potatoheadsettle in the suburbs with their wives and high school buddies and have families and throw barbeques and have pool parties and the such.  My little town was more “URB” than “SUB” but my parents had the group of friends.  Every year the Christmas parties went on for days and there were plenty of christenings and birthday parties and eventually graduations.  But in 1952, children like my older cousins, were being treated to a weird new toy that used VEGETABLES as part of the toy.  I guess they figured if kids played with a cucumber he’d eat it too.  Mr. Potato Head originally cost 98 cents, and married Mrs. Potato Head in 1953.  I’m sure there were lots of little spuds around in no time.

The box office was reeling them in with The African Queen, The Quiet Man (one of my over and over again favorites!) and Singing in the Rain (this is also on my DVR).  The “Don’t Walk” sign made it’s Broadway debut in NYC (well, I’m not really sure which street it debuted on really).  The first Holiday Inn hotel opened.  Men and women still wore hats — not baseball caps, but hats.  Hats that were tipped and hats that were purchased with great care. 

Average Cost of new house $9.050.00

Average wages per year $3,850.00

Cost of a gallon of Gas 20 cents

Average Cost of a new car $1,700.00

Three out of 5 families owned a car, 2 out of 3 families now had a telephone, 1 in 3 homes had a television.

Christopher Reeve was born.  I think that’s Super.

Truman was President.

dadnmomMy family got started. My guess from the date on the photo, that this was near their first anniversary.  What a lovely child!


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