Not Everything

I just saw an ad for Hot & Spicy Pickles.  Pickles are just fine the way they are… they really don’t need jalapeno spicing .

Nor do potato chips need to taste like Cappucino, Mac&Cheese, Gravy, Cola Soda, Oats & Barley or Grass Clippings.  Potato Chips are made with a delicious base ingredient — THE POTATO.  They really don’t need much changing.

I’d say the same for jalapeno catchup, but maybe there’s a use for that.  It’s just not “catchup” at that point.  Maybe a new word is needed?

Not every food needs cheese.  For example, when I order a HAMBURGER, I generally mean it to mean, “a burger on a bun”.  If I want a CHEESEburger, that’s what I’ll ask for.  If I order a hamburger, this does not mean that I forgot to ask for the cheese.  It means I don’t want it.

My mother is NOT a big fan of cheese.  Yet nearly EVERY restaurant puts cheese on their side salad that comes with dinner.  She CONSTANTLY has to ask “is there cheese on that” because it isn’t always obvious.

SUPERSIZING?  Nowadays, this seems to be politically incorrect.  With all the over eating and obesity in our society, is supersizing really in the best interest of anyone besides the greedy?  I think not.

I’m not just trying to change my diet here, I’m trying to change my life.  But you know, it costs $1 for a yogurt and I get to eat once.  It costs $1 for a bag of chips and I can get 2 or 3 good snacks out of it.  Where’s the better use of my hard earned, and very small, paycheck?  And I’m not really just talking about chips and yogurt.  In many cases, good, wholesome foods are 2 and 3 times the price of cheap, fast foods happyhotdoghappyhotdogand salty, fatty snacks.  In a hurry?  I can stop at the gas station  and get 2 hot dogs for a quick on the go lunch for just $2.22.  Not the most nutritious, but tasty, filling, and in my budget.  A salad is $4+ and I can’t eat it driving to Job2.  I’m just saying it’s hard to do.  It’s hard to do the right thing and eat the right foods, when the wrong ones are so yummy and inexpensive and RTE.

Ok, you should know this is the 2nd post I’ve written today.  The first one you’ll see tomorrow.  I’ve been researching it all afternoon, and my back is starting to hurt from being hunched over the laptop.  But I wanted to thump something out for you today and I saw that ad and well, there you are.

Use the information contained within this post as you will.  I will deny any responsibility for your hostile actions toward pickles, chips, cheese, cheeseburgers, catchup, yogurt,  hamburgers or salad. 

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