Ups & Downs

I’m having some ups and downs.  The Tour de France has ended.  Oh Mon Dieu!  Quelle Excitement!  I’ve been watching for a few years now and this has been the most exciting to date — probably stemming from the fact that many of the pre-race frontrunners abandoned the race early throwing disorder on an already beat up peleton.  It was exciting right till the last day.  Even the commentators said so.  OH COME AGAIN, JULY!

Also, if breyersfudgesicleyou recall, I’m supposed to go “low-fat, low-sodium”.  I’ve been working on the diet.  First of all, I had to remove all the newly offensive foods.  I’m not talking via trashcan.  I’m talking via mouth.  As I run out of one of the offenders, I’ve been trying to buy a ‘better’ item in it’s place.  I replaced my yummy Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip with Kroger Orange Sherbet (pint) and Mayfield FAT-FREE Fudge Bars.  [The FAT-FREE was really obvious on the box.  It must have been part of the name.]   I’m finding both to be delicious.  As a matter of fact, I added about 2 T of the sherbet to my smoothie yesterday and it was probably the BEST SMOOTHIE I’d made in months.  Today, I BOUGHT CARROT STICKS.  To use as a snack.  Instead of potato chips.  I don’t give it much chance of success, but I thought I’d try.  I like carrots. It might work.

A few years ago, I did Weight Watchers.  I did it 100% online.  I never attended a meeting.  I did pretty well — the chat groups were a great source of encouragement.  And a source for tips and recipes!  The groups were divided up by age group, by interests, by geographical location, by occupation — it was a diverse group and no one would have a problem finding a group they fit into.

I do remember that when I started on Weight Watchers, I became obsessed with food.  I was always mentally planning meals and menus.  If I have this at lunch, I can’t have that at dinner.  But if I have them for lunch, I can have something better for dinner.  Oh wait, I have 8 points left — what kind of delicious snack can I have?

This is a Weight Watchers Recipe for Deep Dish Pan Pizza.

No such thing?  THINK GIRL THINK…. you need 8 more points of food!!!!  I thought about food all. the. time.  I’m doing it again.  I’m thinking of what to eat tomorrow.  Actually, today, I thought about what I was going to eat all week.  I have designated tomorrow as this week’s “cooking day”.  I hope to cook up some veggies, chicken and whatever else I can, and portion out some lunches for the week.

In addition, I’m trying to rein in my “excessive” spending — ok, excessive for grocery shopping!  This means that running to the store to pick up a kiwi becomes dangerous.  I love to grocery shop.  I can rarely go in, buy 1 or 2 things and leave.  I’m trying to allot myself only so much for different things each month.  For example, for gas or groceries. I have to limit my time in the store and only buy certain things.

It’s as bad as giving up chips and dip.  I think I’m developing a tick.

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2 Responses to Ups & Downs

  1. kmsoverton says:

    Another great post. Tres amusing!

  2. Christine Heusinger says:

    Oh Carol, I hate to be DEBBIE DOWNER but watch out for “low fat” or “fat free” items because they usually have more sugar in them. Repeat this: SUGAR IS MY ENEMY. Now, say it again.

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