Beginning to BUG me…

Dear Advertising World at Large:

Yes.  There IS something bugging me about my beloved Tour de France.  It’s the commercials.

Naturally, many of them are aimed at other bikers.  And men.  Lots of advertising to MEN.  Beer, luxury cars, insurance.  Manly hygiene products.  I understand all that — that’s not what bothers me.

It’s the REPETITION.  In a three hour period, it’s amazing how many commercials they can get in and how FREQUENTLY they run each one.  Not only that, but remember… the Tour runs for THREEEEEE WEEEEEEKS.  I started muting the ads by the end of the first week.

Maybe men need the repetition to remember which brand to buy.  But really… I got it a few weeks ago.  It just annoys me now.  Here’s my solution:

You know you’re going to be sponsoring a major event like the TDF, Olympics, etc.  So make a half dozen different commercials and run they — sporadically over the course of the event.  Really.  I’ll love you a lot more!


Lover of Creativity

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