One Square Mile

Over the last few days, I’ve been driving to some places outside of home, job 1 and job 2.  The doctor’s appointment was “in the next town” and across roads I once drove weekly, — sometimes daily.  I tried to see what was the same and what had changed.  Could I remember the traffic pattern — which lane to get in at what point of the road to ensure a flawless commute?

Today I met with someone wa-a-a-ay across town — over past my old job.  My GPS took me over 3 highways.  Resolved not to come back the same way — as it was getting to be within an hour of rush hour — something to be avoided in ATL at ALL COSTS, I came out of the driveway and turned LEFT, certain beyond a doubt that this road would lead to a familiar intersection and I could get home whilst avoiding the dreaded RUSH HOUR.  I was wrong.  Terribly, terribly wrong.  Fortunately, I have my friend, GPS.  Search:  Home.

As I drove the unfamiliar streets, I had the opportunity to think:  I never go outside my square mile any more.  I have a very comfortable territory I travel within the course of a month.

Which is a shame, because I like knowing where all the side streets that avoid traffic are and I enjoy maneuvering them with the ease of a professional driver, and now I no longer have the opportunity to do so.  It’s sad really.

But today was a picture postcard kind of day and it as I enjoyed some music during this the open roadparticularly long commute (my normal drive is between 7 and 12 minutes on a good day).  I can remember driving on a day like this on the open road…one of my driving trips cross country.  Let’s see, I drove across to Colorado before my last year of college, I drove out to AZ when I moved there, then drove back to the shore to surprise my parents one year, then I drove East one final time when I moved cross country.  Then there are times I drove from my current home in GA to visit family in NY & NJ.  I could see myself out there again… on the open road.  Nothing but me, my car and somewhere to get to.

So, I’m resolving to drive outside of my comfort zone… my one square mile … once a week.  Not too far away, but somewhere.  I need to reopen my boundaries.

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2 Responses to One Square Mile

  1. Christine Heusinger says:

    Open your territory and drive to the Chancery to see me!

  2. I might be able to do that on a Monday if that would work?

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