Did you Miss Me?

I missed you.  I had a “thing filled” weekend… work, church meeting, birthday lunch with friends, today: dr. appt, dinner, tomorrow, eye dr. appt, work both jobs… And I really could not drag myself to the computer to type you a post worth the time.

Not that this one will be much better, mind you, but I’m here.  As I type, my white pants are going through the washer for the third time.  When I changed out of them after the birthday dinner @ Olive Garden, I found that one of the Andes mints had come out of my purse and I was sitting on it.  The whole bottom of my pants — AND MY CAR SEAT – were smeared with chocolate.  I used some Shout! to remove the chocolate but it didn’t ‘quite’ come out.  So I sprayed it and left it to sit overnight and re-washed them this morning.. well, this afternoon.  And when I looked at them I found ANOTHER stain, so now I’m running them through the washer with just some bleach & water.  I really hope it comes out.

Also, although the sun is shining away, there’s LOTS of thunder.  (or as I’ve dubbed it:  SUN-DER)  OO!  There goes another one.

So, my Dr. this morning wants me to start BOTH a low-fat and low-salt diet.  I should no longer eat chocolate, nuts, or cottage cheese.  Wine, however, was not mentioned either way on either one, so I take that as a sign I can have all the wine I want.  I can have potatoes, but with no butter or milk.  Or sour cream.  Well, maybe fat free sour cream, but isn’t that an oxymoron?  Pickles & olives, notorious for their salt, are also off my list.  And luncheon meat.  That sounds like baloney… which I don’t eat, so I should be ok.  I can have canned tuna, but only packed in water & should find “low-salt” tuna.  Huh?  I didn’t even know that existed.

And potato chips are now verboten.  I plan to finish the bag I have — I’m po and I can’t waste food — but after that, chips have been banned.  I may actually die.  No chocolate or chips.  Cheese has to be LOW-FAT.  Again, what’s the sense.?  My “LOW FAT” diet does not include LOW FAT milk… fat free only.  I don’t do skim milk, so this one isn’t going to happen.  I also have to give up BBQ sauce,  sauerkraut, instant breakfast, sardines, french toast, instant pudding, cream cheese and hot dogs.  Some of these are going to be harder than others.  I won’t mind giving up sardines and instant breakfast, but french toast and hot dogs?  Sniff.  I’m already sad.

Tomorrow I go to the eye doctor.  That sounds fun… (not!)  Well, I still have the Tour de France to comfort me!

Oh, and I’ve shrunk 1/2 an inch.  Woe is me.  Little ole me.

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