My Love Affair

I knew your beady little brains would go “there”.  But this LOVE AFFAIR is with chocolate.

As I drove home from work (job #1) today, all I could think was, “I need some kind of chocolate.”  The last few nights, I’ve craved chocolate and had none.  There’s nothing worse than a craving you cannot quench.  Well, in the grand scheme of life, there are many worse things.  But in my little world, it was pretty bad.

However, I’m “craving on a budget”.  And chocolate is expensive.  So I did the cheap

thing.  I bought store brand chocolate caramel nut clusters.  And a single Crunch bar.  I wanted a whole bag of fun size Crunch bars.  But they were not in my teeny tiny budget.  So I spent $1 on the clusters and splurged on the Crunch, which will undoubtedly be eaten in 4 separate eating ventures.

My love!

My love!

(…. because I can.)

I could possibly find some cookie dough in the fridge and make chocolate chip cookies.  That would mean turning the oven on, and most people who know me are familiar with the phrase… I don’t turn the oven on in the summer.  I could bake them in the convection-toaster oven.  But that would take forever.  No, the clusters will have to do.

As I sit here telling you about my sweet little sweetie, I’m thinking…. I have chocolate vodka.  I could make something out of that.  Maybe.

Oh my little choco-darling…. where are yoooooooooo?


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