Summer in the City

summerinthecitySorry you missed a post or two.  I was having air-conditioning problems.  Since the nearly-dead computer throws off A LOT of heat, I couldn’t bring myself to turn it on and sit in front of it to write.  I’m also falling behind in my Camp Nanowrimo story, but you are more important, so I wrote for you first.

For two days I sat in the living room under the rapidly revolving rotors of the ceiling fan and pretended to be cool.  It was so hot I couldn’t sleep in my bedroom, and planted myself on the sofa with the sliding door open and the sounds of the night coming into the living room.  I thought about pitching a tent and sleeping on the deck.  But that would have meant taking the tent out of the box, and I’m not prepared to do that just yet.

It actually brought back a few memories of summer in the city.  Like the photo above, we did open the fire hydrant on our block — but only a few times that I remember.

We had an in-the-window air conditioner and much of the time it was relegated to cooling only the living room (and my parents room which was adjacent).  Usually on hot, sticky nights, the door to the living room would be opened before bedtime and the coolness would waft its way back to the bedrooms my brother and I slept in.  In our “summer pajamas”.

But at least then I was sleeping in my own bed, not on the couch.    Besides the night sounds, the fan itself rattled.  And because not all of my downstairs windows have blinds or curtains, when it got light out, the whole room would get light.

Fortunately, the Tour de France starts early in the morning and I had a natural built-in alarm.  I got to see this morning’s stage LIVE (well, they say it’s live) before the A/C man came to fix it up.

It’s cooling off nicely now, and I’m looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep in my bed tonight.  After bunco!

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