American as … Apple Pie

IMG_1176I love apple pie.  I love it plain, I love it with ice cream, I love it with whipped cream.  I DO NOT love it with cheddar cheese — like my father did.  I just don’t get it.

When I was in college I had to do a “how to” speech.  I did mine on “how to make an apple pie”.  Though I don’t remember making my own crust, I do remember having to photograph all the steps so I could show them during my speech.  Then, we got to eat the pie.  What could be better?  Homework AND dessert!

I used to eat apples with cheddar cheese slices (don’t ask why, but raw apples & cheese sounds yummy.  Baked apples & cheese sounds wrong!) as an after-work snack.  One day, I had a severe reaction to the apples and now I cannot eat them raw.  However, I CAN still eat them cooked.  Applesauce & apple pie go down just fine with no serious repercussions.  So, apple pie it is.

When I moved to GA, I was invited for Thanksgiving and said, “I make a killer apple IMG_1175pie.”  I was asked if I could make a CRANBERRY-apple pie.  I figured I could, so I gave it a whack.  Now, I make Cranberry-apple pie most of the time.  It looks so autumnal in the bowl.  Apples, cranberries, cinnamon & sugar and walnuts (or pecans… after all, this IS GA!)

Sometimes, I make myself what I call a “two-person” pie.  Probably because I first made it when my mother was visiting and we didn’t want a lot of leftovers.  I use only 1 crust and I put it in an oval baking dish.  Usually there’s more crust than I need, so I fold it over the top as far as IMG_1103it will go.  It usually leaves an opening right down the middle so I don’t need to cut slits.  But when I do use 2 crusts and make a regulation size pie, as I did for Thanksgiving last year, I like to pretty it up by cutting a few little apples out of the crust I cut off the edges and I place them decoratively on the top.  Sometimes I use a leaf cut out.  (I’m so Martha.)

Sadly, when I go out to eat and there’s pie involved, I generally select apple.  Y ou’d think since I make this I’d try something else.  But no, I stick with what I like.

And I like apple pie!


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