I usually say my favorite “color” is denim.  I heart Denim.  I’d wear it all the time if society didn’t frown on it as a formal fabric. 

I don’t believe I wore much denim as a small child.  It just wasn’t done waterbuffalothen.  But once I hit my teen years, DENIM was the only thing you’d find me in — when not in my school uniform, that is.  I was quite the “hippie-wannabe”.  I wore jeans, tshirts and water-buffalo sandals.  I’d wear the jeans until they fell apart.  They’d get nice and soft and eventually just disintegrate.  My mom would patch them up and I’d embroider them.  My favorite was a SUN that I created with yellow floss.  I wish I’d saved them.

jacketI have a favorite denim jacket.  It hasn’t fit me for years and years.  Now I use it to hold my pin collection. 

I still hurry home from work or church or wherever I’ve gone and immediately change out of my work or church clothes into my jeans.  Only then do I feel really comfortable.  Sadly, my most comfortable pair right now are also full of holes.    I have another pair, but they’re not as soft… which is why they have no holes yet.

I never really understand why a man can wear jeans, a tshirt and a jacket and look “OK”, but a woman dressed at the same occasion in the same outfit looks, sloppy, or inappropriate.  I do occasionally go out on a limb and wear jeans where they’re not 100% socially acceptable, and I usually don’t care what people are thinking of my attire.  There are some days when comfort is more important than looks. 



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2 Responses to Denim

  1. C Heusinger says:

    I USED to say that denim was my favorite fabric and that wearing jeans was my favorite item of clothing. However, now I must confess that SWEAT PANTS are my fav item of clothing. My story is much sadder because sweat pants are distinctly WINTER ATTIRE so for most of the year I am SOL.

    • I’m into flannel pajama pants at home, Christine. No, I will NOT wear them out — even to Walmart, but I do live in them when I’m at home. They’re so roomy and comfy, they feel better than anything else I own. Even my jeans.

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