Since I mentioned my favorite series of books yesterday, (The Cat Who… series by thecatwhoLilian Jackson Braun) it seemed appropriate to follow up with Writing today.

You see, in that series, the ‘hero’, one James MacIntosh Qwilleran is a journalist.  And one who can seemingly write on pretty much any subject thrown at him.  At the beginning of the series, he’s trying to find a permanent home at a paper after some years… uh… off the beat.  (I won’t tell you why — you might want to read it.)  Anyway, they stick him with the Interior Decorating, Art, Junk (or is it antiques?) and Fine Dining beats. (all in separate books, mind you)  And he carries each one off with professionalism and aplomb.  Then he comes into some money and doesn’t have to worry about a permanent assignment.  He takes on the role of COLUMNIST in a quaint nowhere-near-metropolitan newspaper.  (Actually, he’s in Moose County — 400 miles north of anywhere.)  His goal is to write one 1000 word column per week on the subject of his choosing.  Anything.  Anything at all.

So, while I’m busy trying to write the next great American novel this month (July) you are being subjected to my version of Jim Qwilleran’s column (which is called “From the Qwill Pen”)

I have decided to — once again — try NANOWRIMO — NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth.  The goal is to write one 50000 word novel in 31 days.  The April and July versions are tagged “CAMP” NANOWRIMO.  They’ll match you up with writers of like mind so you can “chat” during your month long ordeal.  I have tried the November Nano three times and have failed to get past 12000 words each time.  I’m determined this time.

As a result, I’m PRE-WRITING many of my blog posts.  I made a list of 31 topics — one for each day of July — and I’m hurriedly penning as many as I can before July starts.  I have 3 done (when I get done with this one) and July starts tomorrow.  I hope to do 2 more to get me to the weekend when I have more time for writing and stuff.

As I said yesterday though, I’d love to have Qwilleran’s problem… plenty of money and the ability to write about whatever he wants for publication & pay.  There’s my dream!  Of course, I wouldn’t live 400 miles NORTH of anywhere… I’d have a place at the beach.  And one in the mountains.  And one in the city.  And a villa in Italy with lots of vineyards and olive trees.

But, that’s another life.

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2 Responses to Writing

  1. kmsoverton says:

    I’ll visit you in Italy and on the beach and in the mountains!! YES

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