Ice Cream, You Scream

My all-time favorite ice cream flavor is Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip.  I especially like that breyersit’s white, not green.  If this brand is not available, I’ll eat the green.  But I prefer the white.  If this flavor is not available, Peppermint will do.  I especially like it’s extra coldness — besides the ice cream being cold, the peppermint makes it extra cold.  Remember the York Peppermint Patties commercial where they’d breathe on the camera and it would ice up?  That’s what Peppermint ice cream makes me feel like.  I think I have freeze-breath when I eat it.

I also like chocolate, fudge ripple and vanilla.  It’s hard to find fudge ripple any more. That’s the vanilla ice cream with a fudgy chocolatey ribbon running through it.  It’s an ice cream sundae without doing all the work.  Sometimes I throw a dollop of whipped cream on it and have an instant sundae.

I like coffee ice cream too, but not ALL coffee ice creams.  Lately I’ve been a fan of Breyers Heath Bar Crunch & just today I tried Breyers Snickers ice cream.  All yummy.fudgesicle

Now, on a STICK, I love fudgesicles.  LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  That was always my ice cream of choice when I was younger.  I’m not a big fan of that vanilla dipped in chocolate on a stick thing.  Creamsicles are another story.  Yum!  What a smooth flavor.  I see my friends at Breyers have a creamsicle flavor.  I may need to try it. 

I’ll eat a Drumstick, but if I have to have a cone, I prefer soft ice cream in a cake cone.  My favorite is Chocolate / Vanilla swirl dipped in sprinkles.  But I’ll eat what you’ve got.

Ice cream sandwiches are good too, but I never liked the way the chocolate cookie would get all over your fingers. 

Another good use of ice cream is:  the ROOT BEER FLOAT!  God Bless whoever invented this wonderful treat.  Wikipedia seems unsure of it’s exact origin, but date it to around 1872 0r 1874.  Apparently it was the precursor of the sundae.

I DO NOT like ice cream with fruit in it.  Or nuts.  With the possible exception of Baskin-Robbins Pralines and Cream.  I also never liked Neopolitan.  I always left the strawberry.  I’m glad it was on the end and didn’t touch BOTH the vanilla and chocolate!

It’s summer, and I’m thinking, I should go get a bowl of ice cream now!

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2 Responses to Ice Cream, You Scream

  1. Christine Heusinger says:

    I LOVE coffee ice cream! I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite… I’m not really sure WHAT my fav ice cream flavor is. Maybe Moose Tracks – but not with a chocolate ice cream base. I like my Moose Tracks to be in vanilla. I also do not like ice cream with fruit in it. Please, don’t even TRY to make my ice cream healthy! I do on occasion like a sherbet. Orange is my favorite.

    • I agree about the vanilla moose tracks. (Is that the one with the peanut butter? I like the one with the caramel… is that turtle tracks?) And yes, orange sherbet. Yum. Creamsicles!

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