Not So Sporty

I’m not much of a sporty girl.  I didn’t grow up in a sporty house.  My dad watched golf & bowling on TV.  My brother didn’t seem to be interested in many sports, though in grade school or high school he did participate in Track & Field.  I think he had a “trophy” from one meet. 

That said, I’m probably the sportiest person in my family — with the possible exception of my niece who likes Football.  (ick).  I liked basketball in high school because I boy I liked was into basketball.  I even tried out for my (all girl) school team.  But my short little legs and my lack of coordination did me no more good on the basketball court than it did on the cheer-leading floor.  That didn’t deter me… I watched the NY Knicks when I was in college and was a big fan.

I also became interested in tennis… mostly due to the cuteness of borgone Bjorn Borg.  A cool, cute Norwegian, I was hooked.  I even got up in the wee hours of the morning to see live coverage of major tennis tournaments from Wimbledon to the NY Open.  Sigh.  I was IN LOVE.  (and please be sure to notice the short-shorts.  They wore ’em back then!)  What a hunk!

Then I moved to Arizona and was instantly sucked in by the Phoenix Suns.  This was in 1977, so don’t be thinking I was a fan of Mr. Barkley because I wasn’t.  Ever.  But the Suns I knew were Alvan Adams, The Van Ardsdales, Paul Westphal, Walter Davis and Nate Archibald.  It was an exciting time to be in Phoenix! 

jeterSince then, my interest in basketball has waned.  Now I’m into baseball… especially my beloved NY Yankees.  Mostly due to my mother.  Weird, huh?  Well, she used to date a man who was a Yankees fan, and she got hooked.  She then insisted on watching the games when we were together, and I got hooked.  Now my #1 Sports Icon is Derek Jeter.  What is it I like about him?  He seems to actually ENJOY playing the game.  He seems to take it seriously and works hard at his craft.  And he seems to be a good role model for youngsters.  What more could you ask for in a sports icon?

There’s also the “Tour” but you’ll be hearing about that soon enough… IT STARTS ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (I can’t be more excited… I wish it was Saturday already!)

So, besides the inevitable Olympic sports (ice skating, ski jumping, downhill skiing, swimming & diving and gymnastics), these are my loves.  I don’t go golf, soccer or football, I could care less about hockey and car racing.  I think golf & bowling are boring (sorry Daddy).  I love my baseball though! 

Thereby hangs my tale!

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