Farmer’s Market and other Delights

Today I went to the local Farmer’s Market.  It’s early in the season, but I had Saturday morning off.  What other reason do I need to go look at vegetables? 🙂  Besides, after my anti-Summer rant yesterday, I guess I should find some good things to say about this season.

It IS early in the season, but there were plenty of tomatoes, zucchini and peaches.  There were pecans, honey, and salsa.  There was a duo singing Beatles songs.  They were selling pomegranate margarita ice pops.  I got a sample of bacon (and a Bacon decal for my car .. or whatever!) It was overcast and not too crowded.

The Farmer’s Market got a new competitor last week.  A “farmers market” store.  Kind of a cornWhole Foods, but not quite as expensive or exotic.  It’s called Sprouts.  It’s been packed with customers for 10 days now.  We’re wondering what the prices will be once the novelty wears off.  But today I got 4 ears of white corn for 62 cents.  Yes… cents.  I’m looking forward to enjoying one this evening.

I’m also looking forward to enjoying a tomato sandwich from the lovely tomatoes I got at the Farmer’s Market. I was told they’d be “meaty”, which I prefer to “seedy”, which my co-shopper liked. 

Really, my fridge is bursting with veggie goodness right now.  Lettuce, cucumbers, and blueberries are eagerly waiting their turn to be consumed.  That IS one of the nice things about summer… the veggies are fresh and somewhat less expensive.  Since my ER “episode” I’ve been trying to eat better.  Well, at least once a day.  I still crave my chips and pizza.  There’s a half a Snickers in my nightstand, and I can’t go long without my wine, but I’m trying to do more veggies and water.  Today’s ‘brunch’ (I didn’t have breakfast before the Farmer’s Market outing) was a strawberry, blueberry, banana smoothie.  And then a tomato sandwich for lunch.  And fresh corn for dinner (oh, I’ll probably make something to GO WITH the corn!)


Well, Farmer’s Market Day is nearly over.  I guess all those veggies gave me a spurt of energy because I’ve been furiously cleaning my bedroom all evening.  Yes… evening.  I frittered away much of the afternoon playing on the computer (starting with typing this in the afternoon) — it was my day off after all.  But I’ve been bustling around the bedroom collecting this and organizing that.  I hated to break for dinner, afraid to lose my momentum.  But I’ve got it back and I just wanted to finish up here so I can check you off my list of THINGS TO DO today.    So, I’m off to finish up what I started, working my way to an hour or so of crochet before drifting off to tomorrow.  

(oh, and now there’s a third of a Snickers in my night stand…)




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