Top 10 Reasons I Love Facebook – #3

Sorry, somehow #2 got posted first.  But here we are… #3!

Reason #3 – Loving Co-Workers

Ok, the “loving” part is a little iffy, but keeping up with former co-workers is fun.  I worked for a certain company for 19 years & 3 months (but who’s counting?)  Just because they kicked me to the curb doesn’t mean I don’t miss some of my former co-workers.  Facebook comes through on that front.

Actually, Facebook even brought back some friends who left the company years ago.  Years and years ago.  After 19 years, that happens. 

It happens that during the 19 years of Secretary-ing, Training, and Computer Co-ordinating, you make friends.  Friends in Elgin, Illinois.  Friends in Bethel, CT.  Friends along the coast of California.  Friends scattered throughout the midwest.  Friends I can’t visit in person because, this anonymous company stranded me “down south” (and left me ‘destitute’  — ok, not really, but it fits with my story) I really like being able to catch up with what they’re doing — like I would if I was travelling the country directing the installation of computers and giving the odd computer software training class. logo

Besides the fact that all my accessories (jackets, hats, umbrellas, backpacks, etc.) are emblazoned with the name of the company in question, years of memories are emblazoned across my heard and mind.

If you’ve ever left a job, or had the floor pulled out from under you, you know what I mean.  My last few months were dismal, but the first 228 were mostly a joy.

So, my reason #4 to Love Facebook is being reunited with old friends & co-workers. 

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