You’re Not Going to Believe This

#5 is still not ready. 

I’m still having trouble with my eye.  It could be a stye.  It could be something else.  A shamalian or something.  I’m not really focusing on the computer.  I tried to work on #5, but… you need to hear the truth.  It’s not going to happen today.  Possibly tomorrow…

I’m seriously considering computer shopping tomorrow.  I have to go over that way tomorrow anyhow.  I know you were all worried.  You can stop.

So, till #5 is ready, here’s how my Sunday went.  You’re probably needing to take a nap now anyway…

… Yes, I overslept and barely made it to church on time.  I felt like one of those cartoon people, jumping into my clothes, half brushing my hair & teeth, and rushing out the door.  And then I got stuck behind someone driving “too slow”… not for the speed limit — for me.  Sadly, we were headed to the same place.  My lightening skills once I got there enabled me to be only about 4 minutes late. 

Immediately thereafter I attended a meeting.  (are you sleeping yet?)  A quick stop @ the store for coffee creamer and a paper, and I was finally home for coffee and cinnamon bread toast.

Now I know you’re sleeping, so I can sneak this in…. I then headed to my private helicopter sillouettepad and headed off to the Bahamas for lunch.  I dined aboard the private yacht of a well-known, but camera shy celebrity — maybe you recognize her?  I’m sure you do, you’re really a happenin kind of person.  Anyway, after an afternoon of wine, tacos and deep-sea fishing I returned to my home where…

I watched the Waltons all afternoon, ate some chocolate and collected the trash for tomorrow morning’s pickup.

I promise to make #5 a priority tomorrow.  You REALLY don’t want me to have to do this again!



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