Top 10 Reasons I Love Facebook #4

Reason #4 – Chit Chat (yes, we skipped one. #5 was not ready to publish)

Sure, there’s photos, and news and humor and other stuff on Facebook, but it’s also like a phone call to your friends.  All 300 of them.  You find out what they did today. 

They went to the store and found a great deal.  Or they had a rude clerk. Or the person behind them had a screaming child with the voice of a banshee.

They went to the dentist and had wisdom teeth out.  They went somewhere superb for dinner and want to share (and sometimes there’s photos).  Their child got sick… their child got well.  They found a great recipe.  They went to a baby shower.  They had a baby.  They went to the lake.  They got a new kitty.  They had a birthday.  Their grandkids had a birthday.  They went to the beach. They came home from the beach. They had squirrels, dogs, deer in their yard.  Sometimes, they go fishing. Sometimes they go to the same restaurant so often you have to poke fun at them.  Sometimes they go somewhere different every day.

Then there’s my cousin whose job it is to remind us how many more months until Christmas.  (sometimes he nearly forgets and I don’t have enough time to celebrate, but I cut him some slack because he’s old(er) and you have to be nice to the elderly.

Long ago, in a far away world, I used to write letters.  When I was in school, I wrote to a letter writingcousin in New Jersey and later, 2 kids in England, one in France and one in Germany.  When I moved to Arizona, I wrote letters to my parents, my grandmother, my uncles (my aunts, for some reason, weren’t much into letter writing, but my Uncle Jack and Uncle Joe were!  Go figure!) I wrote to friends and relatives alike.  That was when long-distance was for emergencies or once-a-week calls and there was no Internet.

I don’t have time to call 300 people, and letter writing takes time.  And editing. I find when I try to hand-write a letter, I end up wishing I’d typed it because I want to edit.  But it’s nice to keep up with my friends and relatives and former co-workers via Facebook.  And share my chit-chat with them!

Reason #4 why I love Facebook is chit-chat.

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