Top 10 Reasons I Love Facebook – #6

Reason #6 – NEWS

I’m not a news hound.  I rarely watch the evening news.  Since I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t get my news that way.  I’m not a newspaper reader. 

Sad, but true, I get much of my news on Facebook.  Enough of it to be able to listen informed-ly to the NPR podcast “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”, which is all about news.  I can generally answer most of the questions with an alarming degree of accuracy based on the source of my news.  I’m not proud of it, but hey. it is what it is.

I also get my SPORTS news and RELIGION news via Facebook.  I’mpopefrancis on a page that follows Pope Francis.  Every day I get several posts based on his activities of the day.  I like it.  The man is doing his best to lead by example.  I am reminded of his great example daily because I follow his page. 

yankeesI also follow my beloved Yankees — pretty much the only sport I do follow regularly.  I mean, I like ice skating, downhill skiing, and the Tour de France, but they have a more limited season than baseball.  And because I live far from the “home court”, I belong to a group called “Yanks in Exile”… which provides me with my dose of homegrown Yankees news.

Because my friends have diverse interests, I also see news about personalities who have done something <wonderful, outrageous, disgusting, dimwitted, or funny> or about some popular celebrity who has passed away.  Since I don’t listen to radio, and there’s no TV in my office, this is frequently how I stay “up to the minute” on disasters, accomplishments or buffoonery.  Probably more buffoonery than I care to admit.  But there it is… Facebook news.

KEEPING UP TO DATE is my #6 reason why I Love Facebook!


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One Response to Top 10 Reasons I Love Facebook – #6

  1. kmsoverton says:

    I, too, was a non-news junkie.

    Have your noticed that Facebook has mostly extremely opinions offered as far as politics go? Very discouraging for coming to compromises.

    Love the blog!

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