Top 10 Reasons I Love Facebook – #8

Reason #8 – Common Interests

Shopping, TV, movies, music, sports, religion, there’s no end to the common interests you can have with your real friends or total strangers.  In the olden days, before Facebook, when the Internet was young, I belonged to chat rooms where I ‘chatted’ with strangers with whom I had a common interests.  The two I remember most were the AOL Writer’s Club and the Kung Fu: The Legend Continues chat group.  In the former, people would gather to discuss things they were writing.  I was just discovering my love for writing, and was encouraged by this group.  I made friends.  Real friends — a few of whom I’ve met in person… One of whom I plan to be real friends with forever. (Yes, you Sue.)  In the latter group, we’d get together and discuss the TV show we were all devoted followers of.  It was better than holding it all in, or trying to discuss it with co-workers who found this interest — odd.  In the old days, when I was a “fangirl”, this is the response my fannish behavior elicited from my coworkers… “odd”.

My #1 interest on Facebook is my M*A*S*H page.  Yes, MY.  I am a co-administrator.  I actually set the page up, and I share it with a lady in Texas.  A lady I’ve never met.  The only purpose of the page is to bring together fans of the TV series M*A*S*H with daily quotes from the series.  My co-admin introduced Friday Trivia.  I occasionally send her a quote I like, or some trivia I’ve discovered.  There’s no prizes, just fun.  That’s all.  We have 191 “followers”.

I’m also on a page devoted to saving money when you shop.  It’s called the Secrets of a Coupon Pro.  Mainly folks from my area share tips on where to find bargains.  Or they ask for suggestions for finding them.  Frequently, they offer tips on getting freebies too.  See Reason #9.  You can never save too much money.  It’s not an area where I excel, but in my defense, I love to shop and I don’t have much money to spend anyway.

It’s World Cup Soccer time and my annoying soccer friends are inundating my pages with soccer posts.  I am putting up with it because when the Tour de France starts, you know I’ll be annoying them with Tour updates.  I can also follow my beloved Yankees from afar yankeesthrough a few different Yankees groups I belong to (one appropriately called Yanks in Exile – that is, those who love the NYY and live outside the NY metro area)  I’m glad the hockey thing is done / about done.  Those people also annoy me with their Rangers rants.  I’m a tolerant person though.  Live and let live — rant and let rant.  You can follow about any sport you want I suppose.

I can follow my favorite musicians:  The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Celtic Thunder.  I see what’s ‘new’ with them and see what others think about them. 

I’m also in a group for my grade school, my high school, my college, the Irish group I “was” a part of (I’ve dropped out due to my employment status), my favorite NPR podcast, and a group for the neighborhood I grew up in.  Some of these groups are populated with people I know, and some with strangers — with a common interest.

My niece follows her favorite programs.  I know that because I see her posts.  Not MY interests but at least I know what she likes.  It helps me know her better.

COMMON INTERESTS is reason #8 why I Love Facebook.

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