Top 10 Reasons I Love Facebook – #9

Reason #9 – FREE STUFF

I love to get free stuff.  You do too, I’ll bet.  C’mon… admit it.  Sure you do.  Doesn’t it feel better to admit it?

My latest free thing was a Rum Cake (tiny, but free).  It’s a company that’s introducing a new line of products, and sent out these free little cakes with liquor in them.  It’s probably the size of a healthy cupcake. 

One of my favorite FREE things to get is from Panda Express.  When they roll out a new pandaexpressflavor, or celebrate Chinese New Year, they frequently offer a free entree.  I take my coupon in, get my freebie, and wave to the staff as I skip to the car to take it home.  Yum!  To get this, all I had to do is “like” Panda Express.  And since I do like them, it wasn’t a stretch. 

ovaltineI get a lot of coupons for “almost free” stuff too.  Ovaltine is one of my favorite products.  It not as sweet as Chocolate Syrup (though not as satisfying to lick off the spoon).  I often get coupons for $2.00 off — which is a great deal since Ovaltine is over $4 a jar at the supermarket (less @ Walmart).

CHIK-FIL-A.  Yep.  I get free stuff from Chik-fil-a too.  Free breakfast biscuits, free iced tea, free free free stuff. 

All ya have to do is “LIKE” your favorite products or restaurants and watch for them to announce FREE stuff.

Free stuff is a great reason to love Facebook.

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