Top 10 Reasons I Love Facebook

Lots of people look down on Facebook saying, I don’t have time for that crap.  I think that’s just an excuse.  They don’t want to bother with people they don’t see every day.  They don’t want to have fun fun fun.  To me, it’s not just crap… it’s a lot of things.  Keep reading for the next 10 days to find out what they are.


You’re thinking, that’s just texting.  But to me it’s more than “just” texting.  It’s texting with a broader base.  In my Contact list on my phone, I have about 50 names.  Some are doctors – who I’m probably not going to text, or work, again… not a likely texting target.  But on Facebook I have 345 friends right now.  I’ll admit, some of them are people who joined Facebook, friended me, and then disappeared into the sunset.  A few of them are dead.  (Really dead.  Deceased.  They didn’t have the foresight to end their Facebook accounts beforehand.  Go figure.)  But I’d say there’s probably a good 100+ people I could IM at any given time and expect an eventual reply. 

Yes, I love Facebook because of it’s Instant Messaging feature.

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