star2Ok, I keep seeing ads on TV with “stars” endorsing different products and I think, ” Who IS that?”  Used to be if someone endorsed a product it would be a household name — someone that most people could instantly identify.

Now I have no clue who half the endorsers are.  Stars?  I doubt it.  Stars have staying power.  I’m guessing we won’t remember half of these people in 10 years. 

“Stars” are made overnight now it seems.  From skating carhop to overnight sensation, from hairdresser to performer reality shows take ordinary people and thrust them into the limelight whether we want them or not.  Frank Sinatra worked his way up.  If it was good enough for Frank, it should be good enough for a REAL star today.

This is probably one of the reasons I prefer to watch my old favorite shows in reruns rather than new shows with these so called “stars” in them.  Some reruns have stood the test of time.  (and I admit, some reruns are just on because they were cheap for the network to buy)

That’s my rant for today.  I could go on, but why.  You won’t remember 10 years from now.  I’m not a star.

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