I had an unexpected day off today and I frittered.  It was not a particularly productive day.

I started out by heading to the store for eggs.  I wanted to enjoy a french toastcasual breakfast of French toast, but had no eggs.  Since they are a key ingredient, I headed out to Publix around 9 to purchase ONE DOZEN EGGS ONLY and come home to the coffee I started before I left.  (one dozen eggs only because I have a tendency to impulse buy at the supermarket.  I love to grocery shop.)

Breakfast over, I returned to my bedroom sanctuary to watch a little TV, before heading to the convent to pick up hosts.  I had already committed to getting them before I knew I’d have the day off, so I went to get pick up and deliver them.  Which put me at my place of work, and some catching up with the 2 ladies I hadn’t seen since my return from Mom’s over the weekend.  And I “fixed” Jane’s printer (comically, by turning the power on).

My only errand for the day over (I’d already decided I would not go to the bank, even though I do have a check to cash), I headed home for lunch.  Cheese?  Salad?  Smoothie?  Nope.  I had another blast of comfort food — a PBJ sandwich and a tall glass of Ovaltine.  Yum!   Some time after lunch, I called my dear goddaughter to wish her a happy 28th birthday.  She’s finally older than I am! (ha ha)

Back to the sanctuary and my friend, Mr. TV.  Towards the end of the 4 hour Waltons block, I headed downstairs for dinner.  Smartly (for a change) I’d defrosted one of the salmon cakes my mother had made when she was here for Christmas.  To it I added an ear of  microwave corn-on-the-cob, an EXTREMELY (in my parlance) small portion of mac & cheese (from the blue box), and 1/2 of a cut up cucumber with French dressing.  More comfort food.  I’m still sipping the glass of unsweetened iced tea & lemon — well, the 2nd glass.  kindle

Back to the sanctuary, I finished one of the FREE books I have on my Kindle — I guess my only productive thing I did all day.  (this is NOT the book I read.  The book I read was called Crazy, VA.  I enjoyed it.  Now I want the next in the series.  Do you hear me Bookbub?)

I haven’t had my blueberries & cream yet, and I’m starting to fade.  I’m not seeing much chance of actually eating them tonight.  Maybe for breakfast?

Yep, I’ve been fritterin all day, and now it’s over.  It was a good day off, I think.

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One Response to Fritterin

  1. Christine says:

    Sounds to me like a great way to spend a day off!

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