Oh I Love a Rainy Night

rainyOk, I’ve already admitted I watch too much TV.  And last night when the thunder came a-rumbling through I flashed back to the commercial where the power goes out and the song “I Love a Rainy Night” comes on.  It’s peppy, it’s catchy and I was wondering if I was the only one in town secretly singing it to myself.  (or others?)

In my opinion, it didn’t last long enough.  For days now, they keep forecasting rain, thunder and the like and last night was the first real good soaking rain we’ve had since this dreary forecast began, and the firs with thunder in quite some time.  I’d love to have a good 6-8 hours of rain.  Rain rain rain.  (Why?  Because I love a rainy night!)  No, really, why I wish that is because when it’s rainy your agenda for the day changes — particularly if you’re not working on the day it rains.  Forget rain on a work day.   You’re stuck inside anyway, what difference does it make?  But a day off with rain changes your itinerary for the day.

Nope, you’re not doing the dreadful yard work you didn’t want to do anyway.  Nope, you’re not going errand hopping.  You’re staying inside and catching a few extra Z’s.  Or you’re watching a beloved movie, having a cup of tea, reading a book, listening to music or maybe baking up some treat you’ve been putting off.

To ME, a rainy day is an indoor vacation.  That’s why I’ve been a-waitin for one.  But the weatherman keeps failing me.  (My new career goal is weather forecaster — you don’t actually have to be RIGHT.  You just have to use “key words” to keep you out of trouble.  Rain possible.  Rain expected.  Rain likely.  So if it doesn’t happen, you’re not in any hot water.  About the only thing you should be accurate about is “the sun will come up around morning and it will be lighter then after a while it will become dark and we predict night.)

One of the music channels I’ve been tuning into on AOL  features not only sounds of the sea (whooshing waves against the shore) but also the occasional rain shower or thunderstorm.  I have been known to tune into thunder to fall asleep.  And last night, when the thunder I wanted to enjoy had subsided… I tuned in.  I felt greatly relaxed, which spurred my creativity.  I’m in the process of thinking of an idea for a story, and I jumped up TWICE to jot down notes!

Well, I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night
I love to hear the thunder
Watch the lightning
When it lights up the sky
You know it makes me feel good.

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