Ok.  I should be cleaning.  I should be crafting.  I should be cleaning! But I’m relapsing into a Pinterest addict again.  It was the sudden rise to fame that did it.

Did I mention that I was trending on Pinterest a few weeks ago?  I forget, so I’m going to tell you again.

Ok, so I hope you’ve heard of the Elf on the Shelf, because that’s where the story starts.  Or should I start with, “Once upon a time…”

Last Christmas my niece told me that so many times she had forgotten to move the Elf before she went to bed.  And sometimes she couldn’t think of what to do with him.  So I offered to help her next Christmas by doing the planning and sending her reminders.  I don’t think she was really listening (were you?) but I’m determined to do it.

Her daughter will be 4 when next Christmas rolls around, so I’m looking for things that would amuse a 4 year old.  Now never having had a 4 year old, I’m not entirely sure where to start, so I turned to the Po Girl’s Martha Stewart — PINTEREST.  Because if there’s something you want to know how to do, you can probably find it on Pinterest.  And I did. 


This is the cover to the BINGO IDEAS board on Pinterest. Isn’t it a cute idea?

There are tons of pages for Elf-on-the-Shelf ideas.  TONS AND TONS.  So, I created a board to track the ideas I might include, and named it after “our” elf — BINGO.  The title is BINGO IDEAS.  Yes, that could go another way.  But it didn’t.  I started Pinning ideas that I thought were cute, inexpensive and “doable” for a mom on the go like my niece.  I never thought to make the board private.  With all the elf stuff out there I doubted anyone would pay much attention to MY board.

But they did.

And they did.  And they did.

I had 56 pins and over 100 ‘followers’ of the board (for those of you not on Pinterest, it means that whenever I pin something new, they’ll be notified.)  My numbers climbed.  My 56 measly pins had over 500 followers… 700… 900… this is getting ridiculous!  As I write this, I have 1323 people following Bingo.

Pinterest sent me an email saying that they’d be “recommending” my Bingo Ideas to new people who signed up with Pinterest.

By this time, I’d hit over 1200 followers.  This is when things slowed down.  My feeling is that I was already being recommended (making my number soar) BEFORE they got around to telling me they’d be doing that.  Well, that’s my feeling.  Who knows what happened?  Anyway, there I was TRENDING on Pinterest.  I was happening.  I was groovin.  I was..stuck in the 60s?

No, now I felt guilty about only having 56 little pins.  So I went elf1out searching for more Bingo Ideas so I could please the throngs of people waiting to learn my wizened ways!  Here is one of the ones I like the best so far. I see 2 problems with it: 

  1. The kids are not supposed to touch the Elf.  In a 1-bathroom house, this isn’t a good idea.
  2. I can’t really picture my niece wrapping the toilet.

But I think it’s really cute and inexpensive.

But Pinterest is a lot like… the dictionary, encyclopedia, wikipedia or internet.  It’s hard to stop looking up just one thingBingo led me to Santa (of course) and I was adding the the board My Favorite Holiday.  Christmas made me think of Autumn and I looked at pictures of russet leaves for my board Ohhhh it’s Autumn.  (one of my favorites to add to!)  Of course, Autumn reminded me that Summer is just around the corner and I found some things for the board Beach, many of which were blue and were added to the board of the same name. 

Then tonight, I wondered… Would there be people who want a Pinterest page and boards but don’t know how or don’t have time to pin stuff by themselves? (How sad.) And how much would they pay me to do it for them?  Yes, you heard me.  I want to be a professional Pinner.  (Did I mention I like to go through my list of boards from time to time and change around the cover picture, hoping lure more followers with my cleverness?)  It’s true.


I love the blue of this flower


This looks like a great place to read a book and sip tea. Or wine. I’m not fussy.


Ya gotta have blue crayons!


So, where does SHARING (our title today) come in?  Take my Blue board for example.  I really love some of the colors and would like to share them.  I’ve been toying with sharing on Facebook one picture a day for a week and see if anyone notices. 

Yeah, I might do that.  Because that’s the kind of girl I am.  I’m a Sharer.  I’m a Pinner.  I’m Trending.  I’m falling behind in my Pinning. 


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