Multi. Tasker.

Maybe it’s just a short attention span.  Maybe I’m a good multi-tasker.  Whatever it is, I like to do more than one thing at a time.  Watching TV and playing a game on the computer or phone.  Watching TV and crocheting.  Watching TV and making cards.  Come to think of it, maybe I just watch too much TV.  🙂

 So tonight, while I was ‘watching’ TV, I was also researching an idea and trying to update my iPhone (the music & podcasts).  I also eliminated many photos from the phone by moving them to the computer — yes, I know it’s about to die – but to put the music on it I needed more room and that was what was expendable.

The “music” was finally updated to my liking, but the podcasts still need to be weeded out.  Maybe that’s what I’ll listen to when I go to New Jersey later in the month.  I’ll catch up on 26 podcasts.  (oy vey!)    It IS a little annoying to not be able to update with the greatest of ease.  But it seems like each iPhone update changes the way things work.  And they do that JUST when I figure out how to make it work the old way.  As a result, I don’t do much updating. 

Mainly, I change out the music seasonally.  Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Summer are definite themes.  In between I throw in some classical, “classic rock” – which in my opinion is Simon & Garfunkel and The Beatles – and “smooth jazz” (Foreplay and Michael Franks)  So, this being apres St. Patrick’s Day and pre-Summer, I’m in jazz & classical mode, but each time I updated it, I was getting a smattering of Irish and a little Christmas in there.  I finally figured out my problem and I’m good to go on that.  Which is good, because I think running the AOL radio program I like all the time is not my most prudent use of data.  But that’s my guess — I don’t know how ‘data” works.  I just use the phone and let the data fall where it may.  so to speak.

So, there ya have it.  The terribly exciting world of the single girl in suburban Atlanta on a Friday night.

You’re wishing you were me right now, aren’t you? 😉

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2 Responses to Multi. Tasker.

  1. kmsoverton says:

    I love the diversity of your musical interests. I need to expand my choices.

    • DUH.
      I’ve use the AOL radio program for over a year — probably 2, and I JUST realized that I can “summon up” any artist I want to by typing their name in at the beginning. Rather than listen to “smooth jazz” I can actually “create” a station (just for me) of Michael Franks and those of the same ilk. Michael Franks by himself if I want to pay to upgrade — which I don’t, naturally. I can also request Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and get other pieces of a like nature. So, those are what I’m listening to now. And Psychologically Ultimate Seashore of course!

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