Ahh… that’s better!

Like getting a new pair of glasses — this feels better!  I moved the TV from the guest room (where it lives when my mom visits for Christmas) back into the office (where I can view it while I’m ‘working‘).  It feels normal again.  

Most of the TV I watch is of the rerun variety.  Classic programs that I’ve seen over and over.  Andy Griffith, M*A*S*H, the Waltons, and so on.  I know much of the dialogue by heart and I really do more listening than I do watching.  Every now and then, for a good bit of dialogue or some good scenes, I’ll stop and watch for a few minutes, but for the most part, I’m otherwise occupied when the TV is on upstairs.  (Downstairs is another story!)  Cleaning, eating, writing, eating, playing, cleaning, writing… you get the picture!  It’s nice to know I won’t miss any of my “good dialogue” while I’m using the computer again.

Stuck with a ticking bomb and not quite sure what to do.

Stuck with a ticking bomb and not quite sure what to do.

That’s right.  While I use the computer.  The computer is currently tethered to the wall.  The battery on my laptop died several years ago and I have not been able to move the computer without moving the corresponding power supply to wherever I want to use it, and that can be a hassle.  Not that I haven’t done it, but I do have to think a few times before going ahead and moving it.  I’m getting desperate to get a replacement, and nervous about doing so.  I need the new computer before this one actually dies.  It’s on it’s last legs… I can tell… there are signs.  So, looking forward to that (and the portable thing).  But there’s Windows 8, new version of Office… and do I need a touchscreen?  My niece says yes, I should get it.  I’m thinking maybe it’s a good way to introduce myself to the tablet format.  That’s another reason I’m nervous.  Productivity may be down during this time when I’m trying to be more productive.  I’m not crazy about that either.  I figure I have another 2 weeks tops before this drives me insane, which I demonstrate by going out and spending huge sums of money on another computer then spend days on end moving data from one computer to the other.  Whoop.  E.

But… now that I have the incentive, I guess I should do some cleaning.  So… until tomorrow!  In the meantime… don’t breathe too hard on my computer!


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