Blue Sunday

I’m still getting over my disappointing last few days.  I don’t want to discuss it (now) because I’m trying to get over it and talking about it would just rehash the whole dreadful thing.


This is where I’d like to be.

So I’m spending Sunday with the blues.  (Actually, the “Smooth Jazz’s” but that doesn’t sound quite the same.)  I got up for a full breakfast — I expected toast, OJ, pancakes or french toast and… HEY I HAVE SOME UNCOOKED BACON IN THE FRIDGE!   So I cooked me an entire package of bacon.  I’ve found you can put it in a baggie in the fridge and then nuke it a few seconds prior to consumption.  This is splendid, because I love bacon, but hate to cook it.  So, the whole danged package of bacon got nice and crispy and my kitchen was then BACON SCENTED (which I’m not complaining one bit about)  But I no longer wanted to cook pancakes or french toast.  And since I forgot to pick up creamer yesterday, I only had enough for one cup, so I milked that for what it was worth while I tried to decide what to do next.

I have a list of things that would probably go from here to there with no problem.  But, I’m having the blues, so I don’t feel like doing any of it.  But I should get something done so the day isn’t a total disappointment… but what … to… do…??

Consolidating from the bedroom clutter to the craft closet.

Consolidating from the bedroom clutter to the craft closet.

Turns out, it’s scrapbook paper, rubber stamp and crafty odds & ends day.  I took all the little boxes and trays off one of the counters and started to sort it. I’m about 1/2 way done right now.  (I had to stop to have some bacon and to write this.)  While I was downstairs, I was able to bag up the bacon, and put some dishes in the washer.

I also found a bottle of Arbor Mist Zinfandel Sangria leftover (and unopened) from my Christmas Party.  It’s almost Cinco de Mayo and Sangria sounds kind of appropriate (not as appropriate as a margarita, nonetheless…) So the day doesn’t feel like it was “all work and no play”! 

By 4:45 I was looking at an improved corner of the office and feeling rather pleased.  If only Jeeves would bring my dinnah… But that didn’t happen, so I got my own, turned the “Waves Crashing on the Shore” radio station and went into serious chill mode.

~~ SO… the part above was written on Sunday.  Then I went back to finish sorting through the scrapbooking stuff and when I came back to the laptop, which is breathing it’s last, I decided to shut it down, as it’s fever had shot up.  (it was hotter than coffee from McDonalds!)  Then I got distracted and never came back to finish posting.

My Sunday doldrums had pretty much disappeared today (Monday) although I did suffer a dreadful headache almost all day.  It’s still there.  A little.  In the back.  I know it’s there.  It knows I know it’s there.  It’s playing hide and seek with me.  I won’t look for it.

I spent the day doing errands and trying to crochet.  I did 4 rows. Not really much. I still had some lingering listlessness. 

With any luck, Tuesday will be my day.

*  By the way, I am shopping for a new laptop.  One with a battery so I can use it in any room of the house!  But I’m still having a heck of a time deciding between a tablet and a laptop, though laptop is currently in the lead.  
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