a bowl of comfort

Comfort Food.  Just the sound makes you think of some of the yummiest food you know.  One of my comfort foods is something I call macaroni and tomato sauce.  

We lived in a four story apartment building.  My grandmother and aunt lived on the first floor (and another family across the hall).  We lived on the second floor (and another family across the hall). My uncle, aunt and three cousins lived upstairs (and another… well, you get the drill).  Nanny’s house was kind of “common ground”.  I remember being down there a lot and my cousins, aunts and uncle would be there just as often. 

During Lent, Nanny’s repertoire of dinners included macaroni and tomato sauce and fish sticks.  Maybe some cucumbers too.  The rest of the meal isn’t coming in too clearly.

Macaroni and tomato sauce is pretty much what it sounds like.

comfort food

macaroni & tomato sauce

Boil some macaroni (which has come to be called pasta) and drain when cooked to the desired doneness.  Open a small can of tomato sauce (not paste, not spaghetti sauce.  A plain ole can of tomato sauce – unflavored).  Fill the can 1/2 way with water.  Add to pot until it’s a nice, soupy tomatoey-ness.  Add 1/3 stick of margarine (or butter if you insist).  I like to add black pepper to mine.

I could probably be persuaded to eat this just about any time.  Which is what makes it so comforting.  (Besides the grandma thing.)  Tonight was one of those times. 

I was mostly alone at the office for the bulk of the day today, and worked 2 additional hours, as my office-mate had to go move her son home from college.  Before noon, someone gave me some criticism and I became very defensive.  When he went home, I was left to brood on it most of the day.  This was followed by a trip to Walmart (for 2 things, a Mother’s Day card and Pace picante (Mild).  That’s not to say that’s all I bought.)  And by then, I had lost any inclination to “cook”.  But macaroni and tomato sauce was easy enough and it just hit the spot. 

The comfort spot!

I have more comfort foods  I’ll tell you about them another time.


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4 Responses to a bowl of comfort

  1. kmsoverton says:

    It’s not only the good taste, but the memories of “safe” places where you knew everyone was on your side and had your back.

  2. Christine says:

    When I think of comfort food I think of potroast, mashed potatoes, and spinach. Of course, that brings back wonderful memories of my mom who was a fabulous cook.

    • Pot roast and mashed potatoes is what I asked my mom to make when I come to visit later this month! I don’t do spinach. When she was here in December/January, we wanted pot roast, but she couldn’t bring herself to pay the price that they were asking for a piece of meat here. Apparently such things are less expensive in New Jersey. So… I made the request. I have her out scouring the village for a tender piece of rump roast at a price that will be pleasing to the Queen. 🙂

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