blueYou must admit, it’s BLUE.  BLUE is one of my Pinterest board names.  On my page, it’s between my Mary Engelbreit-isms and Movies I Watch Over and Over.

I also use BING as my home page.  I just like the photos every day.  I belong to “Club Bing” or whatever it is, where I get points for looking at the stuff they’re promoting today.  It could be a news item, or a product, or a show.  But all I have to do is click on the link and WHAM.  I get a point.   I curently have 812 points.  I don’t Bing every day and sometimes when I Bing, I don’t click the story.

Anyway, today’s thing to click said, Bing says pick a color. Then do a photo search. It’s like magic.  So, I clicked.  I like colors.  Oddly it brought me to a page of snowy winter pix, with lots of blue featured in them.  Then I typed in YELLOW, but there was still a lot of BLUE.   So, I searched for BLUE again.  There were Blue Waffles, Blue Whales, Blue Background, Blue Flowers, Blue Fire, Blue Sky.  Under Blue Sky, there’s Blue Night Sky, Clear Blue Sky, Starry Night Sky and so on.

This is from Starry Night Sky.  Pretty cool.

This is from Starry Night Sky. Pretty cool.

I love these pictures.  (I’ve seen ones like it before.)  I can picture Vincent van Gogh painting Starry Night on a night like this.

So, naturally, I thought… green2GREEN! In case you were wondering, here’s what a green Earth would look like:

Under the generic green I found Green Eggs and Ham.  Yes, there’s an actual photo of it.  Sadly, the ham is also green.  I only expect the eggs to be green.

YELLOW is full of flowers and fruit.  Bananas, Lemons, things like that.  That’s not all, but there’s a lot of flowers and fruit.  Here’s a nice YELLOW I found:


Hello Christine!

Under the Yellow header, look for Things That Are Yellow.  I found it to be an interesting group of things.  From bananas to Big Bird, pottery, flowers, mugs, dresses, food, shoes, accessories and a hideous yellow sofa.  They are all there, under YELLOW.

At this point, I hesitate to go farther.  Orange?  Nah.  Purple?  Not a fan.  Cyan?  Uh uh, looks like teal.  I found turquoise, and thought I’d see lots of tropical beaches or Native American jewelry, but mostly, the top of the page was filled with blocks of shades of turquoise.  I was about to give up on this one but I found this:


I could make these if I could find the wooden hearts.

Anyway, I needed to post something today, and here it is.  BLUE.  I didn’t quite make 500 words, but close.  So, now for dinner and some ice skating watching.

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One Response to Blue

  1. kmsoverton says:

    I don’t usually “Bing” although I have sometimes. I am going to check it out. I LOVE the color deal.

    Keep writing and keep plugging away. Good thoughts, good writing!

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