Olympic Days

Ok.  It’s middle-ish February and I’m on snow day #2.  There’s a fine line between wanting to goof off and wanting to get something done during these bonus days.  The way I reach a happy compromise is by turning all 3 televisions on to the same channel and watching TV while I work on some project or other. 

Truthfully, I had planned to do some “card making” yesterday.  I have my pictures, my scrap book paper, my cards … but I cannot find the little sticky things that adhere the paper & pix to the cards.  I have them — I know I have them.  They’re here somewhere.  I used them around Christmas.  So the trick now is to retrace all my steps since Christmas…

No.  The trick is to re-organize the “craft closet”.  That’s what I call it.  It’s in the “office” (which is the ‘bedroom’ without a bed. Actually, it has a futon, but that’s a whole nuther post.) The craft closet is crammed with would-be/could-be projects.  I’m saving all these beads and jewelry findings because they would-be wine charms if I sat down to make them.  I’m saving all the old poster paper and scrapbook paper scraps because they could-be a new poster or card part.  Most of it is good, really useable stuff.  I have photos, rubber stamps, scrapbook paper, stickers, stencils, felt, paint, unpainted wood forms and a host of decorative items (candles, lighthouses, Easter eggs, and like that).  So yesterday, Snow Day #1, I pulled everything out — shelf-by-shelf — and got things back in order.  I do tend to keep this closet fairly organized because it’s quite obvious where certain things should go.  I OlympicDays1mean, the LARGE scrapbook paper MUST go into the LARGE paper drawer because it won’t fit into one of the boxes or the small drawers.  Some of the drawers in the little bins are marked:  Stencils, Stickers, Baby Stuff (this is from when Clara was born), Misc. Scraps (little shards of paper that are too small to be an actual background, but large enough to be an accent somewhere).  There’s a box market Rubber Stamps and one for Red Hat Photos.  So, see?  I’m fairly organized in here.

I also keep my “Bake Sale” bag and my “Christmas Game Bag” in this closet.  The Bake Sale bag is a large Olive Garden shopping bag stuffed with tablecloths of many colors, paper plates, plastic wrap, a mostly empty box of baggies, my famous cash box and whatever else I accumulated after the last bake sale (which at this point in time would have been the pre-Christmas sale in December.   It needs to be empties and reorganized and ready for the next sale to happen.  The Christmas Game Bag is a red gift OlympicDays2bag with a strip of feathery white along the top.  Inside are the items I have used for a few years for my “purse search” game portion of my annual Red Hat Christmas party.  (I tell the guests to load up their bag with any Christmas / holiday / party themed items they can think of, then I pull them, one-by-one out of the Christmas Game Bag and if they have that item they get a point. The one with the most points wins a spiffy prize.)  I should probably take everything out of this bag — especially since I swiped a few items off the tree in the “Guest Room” to complete the list this year (I merged this game with Christmas Bingo, and so I needed more items to make the entire BINGO board.)OlympicDays3

The red bag itself tends to draw things of a similar nature to it like a magnet.  Wherever it is, it collects other errant Christmas items.  IT MUST BE DOMINATED!

The other problem is that I put some things INTO the Craft Closet that weren’t there to begin with.  Now I need to rethink where the items that are still OUT will find homes.  (I know, first world crisis).

I’m doing all this while the 2014 Winter Olympics play in the background.  Well, yesterday I spent a good deal of time alternating between Olympics and The Weather Event of Biblical Proportions coverage on TWC and the local station I like. 

USA Ski Team Member, Ted Ligety.  GO TED!

USA Ski Team Member, Ted Ligety. GO TED!

Yesterday, I watched speed skating, and figure skating and some downhill skiing.  Today, more figure skating, luge – actually TEAM luge, and curling so far.  I’m looking for more downhill skiing.  I ❤ me some cliff-hanging, death-defying action on tiny strips of wood strapped to your feet and speeds in excess of 50 MPH.  Heart-pounding fun.  From my living room.  Where it’s safe.  And slow.  And there are no ice encrusted mountains to traverse.    Well, not now that evidence of yesterday/last night’s STORM OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS has melted.

Oh, and I made some cookies.  I firmly believe that a snow day demands that something be baked and so I baked sugar cookies. 

Here I am enjoying sugar cookies with a big cup of hot Ovaltine with whipped cream!

Here I am enjoying sugar cookies with a big cup of hot Ovaltine with whipped cream!

In “cleaning” the kitchen cubbies when my mother was here, I came across a nice heart-shaped cookie cutter and put it to the side so I could make cookies this week.  It being Valentine’s Day and me being anti-Valentine’s Day you’d think I’d balk at making heart cookies near the middle of February.  But they are a great size and there’s no funky thin pieces that burn or break off like the cute snowflake cookie cutter I have.  So I made some heart-shaped cookies.  With Valentine’s Day sprinkley things.  A variety of things.  I mixed and matched. 

Lucky for me, most of the cookies are already gone.  I hate when there are cookies to tempt me. 

Truthfully, I haven’t been as productive today as I should have.  Or have I?  I finally got around to washing my hair — always a feather in one’s “to-do” bonnet.  And I wrote this little piece.  Not bad considering the word count of my recent creative writing has been ZERO.  But that’s ok.  I’m keeping busy.  I have my craft closet to finish!

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  1. kmsoverton says:

    So…. how’s that closet looking now?

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