30 Days of Wisdom – 2


I spent the day making spaghetti and meatballs so today’s wisdom is to COOK.  Even if you claim not to be a cook, or not to be able to cook, find something.  Make a great meatloaf or burgers.  Find a terrific chicken or fish dish.  Be the best pasta maker in the neighborhood.  Find something you like and learn to cook it.  Own it. 

When I lived at home after college, I didn’t really cook.  My specialty was Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (in the blue box).  Not that I couldn’t have cooked if necessary — it just wasn’t necessary.  (My mom is a great cook!)  Then I moved to Arizona

 (alone) and went to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving or Christmas and, of course, didn’t want to go empty handed.  Even at work, we’d have pot luck lunches, and I’d need to bring something.  Everyone else cooked — I couldn’t be the person bringing the paper products forever.  

At some time or other, you’ll be asked “to bring something”.  Start jellosaladeasy.  Make a salad.  Better yet, make a Jello salad!  Everyone loves jello, right?  So what’s more fun than a salad made of jello, fruit and cool whip?  It calls for opening things and mixing them up.  Most people can do that.  No saute, no simmer, no measuring. (well, maybe some measuring.)  This one tastes like a creamsicle!

Later I learned to make cole slaw.  It was my grandmother’s recipe.  She used to make so much, she had to mix it in the sink.  My mother made the same recipe (only in a dishpan).  It took a few tries, but I eventually mastered it.  I now had 2 “bring something” dishes. 

You’ll find it will make you feel more a part of any event where “bringing” is done.  At you’re best friend’s annual 4th of July party or an event at work, you’ll feel more involved if you bring your specialty rather than just the paper goods.  You’ll be especially happy the first time someone compliments your special dish.  

Really, don’t be the person who always brings the napkins or the pickles.  That’s the coward’s way out.  Learn to cook something and master it.  Offer to bring it.  Sign up first!  That’s right.  Sign up first when there’s a list.  Show people you’re not just a napkin & pickle kind of person.  You can “cook”. 

Just learn to make something you like because if there’s leftovers, you’ll probably end up bringing it home and if you’re going to have a bowl of something leftover, it might as well be something you like!

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