Crossing the Line

I’m going to try another 30 day marathon blog.  Be warned: They may be quite trivial (as opposed to Pulitzer Prize level such as Isn’t it Pinteresting?) and some may be short.  I mean “short”. Unlike my last 30 day tirade, this time I’m working that illustrious 2nd job.  Not much, but still…

So, here’s our count down.

Day 30 to “Old”

I started today by going to the doctor.  Old people need blood blood pressurepressure pills, and I’m one of them.  The doctor has been renewing the prescription via phone (when the pharmacy calls them) but the limit had been reached and I needed to go in.  Without insurance, I’ve limited my doctor visits, but now I have no choice.   I expected to find “nothing wrong here, I’ll give you a new prescription”, but my BP was a little high and he’s upping the dosage a tad.  Maybe the morning headaches will stop.

While there, I attempted to do some centering and calming so the 2nd BP test would be better, so I prayed to St. Joseph.  I asked him, as a father and a worker, to please help me find a job… a good job.  A job that would allow me to be creative and useful.  Like a carpenter is both of those things.  A carpenter makes useful things, using his skills and creativity to put something of himself into them.  I would like such a job.  (Just not as a carpenter!  I’m crafty, not careful!)

So I came home and found 2 jobs to apply to.  My goal is to apply for 2 things for each of these 30 days.  That isn’t always easy to do, but I’ll do the best I can.  It isn’t always up to me.  Sometimes they just don’t post jobs I want!

Tonight I go to Bunco.  I’m hoping it will be relaxing, but I’m skeptical.  There was more drama yesterday over the Jubilee party and I fear it will follow me to Bunco.  I really need to remove myself from the source of the drama.  Hence the job search renewal. 

So, there’s today’s entry — Day 1.  Or is that Day 30?

PS. I’m doing a 2nd 30 day series stemming from the Wisdom of Age.  Here’s Post 1 – BE KIND

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