Getting Started

I have trouble getting started.  I could use a jump-start to get all the things done that need doing around here.  I see them, I acknowledge them, I plan to get to them.  But when it comes to doing them, there’s a hitch.  I have trouble starting.

Take today for example.  I want to do laundry and clean the kitchen.  Because I “store” some items on top of the washing laundrymachine, I have to remove them to use it.  Where do I move them to?  The kitchen counter.  Which means I’m not cleaning the kitchen while I’m doing laundry.  That’s ok though, there’s only 3 loads. 

In the meantime, I made 2 “write on plates with sharpies” Christmas plates.  Well, I finished one and made another.  Have you heard of this?  It’s on Pinterest.  You buy a Dollar Store plate, make a design of your choosing on it with a sharpie marker, and then bake it in the oven for 30 minutes.  I made a string of Christmas lights.  The string was easy but the lights themselves presented a problem, as I am not by nature an artistic person.  Crafty, yes, but artistic, No!  I found a stencil.  Do you know that markers “bleed” under stencils?  Do you know how many times I drew and removed and redrew and removed and REDREW the lights before I was satisfied?  Well, lots.  Anyway, I got them done.  I have 2 “prizes” now for upcoming Christmas parties.

In between chores, I come to the computer, I watch TV, I look for something to eat.  There are many ways to avoid doing real work.  Although, I do try to do something useful when not choring.  I have about 3 years of old magazines I’m keeping for one or two articles or pictures contained therein.  I’ve started to go through them and pull out the things I want to keep and then SCAN them into the computer, thus allowing me to get rid of both the magazine and paper article.   I’m also working on some Christmas crafts (besides the sharpie plate things), and was able to finish one. 

Some time around 8:00 I went out to retrieve the trash bins and get my mail.  The kitchen cleaning never happened, as I was busy fluffing and folding and remaking the bed and then the desire to clean had passed. 

Maybe tomorrow.

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