Isn’t that Pinteresting?

My Labor Day Part 1 post referenced my interest in Pinterest.  You’re not on Pinterest?  Let me explain.  The internet defines: “Pinterest is where you go to discover new things and collect stuff you love.”  I am interested in many things.

Some of my favorite boards are called “Blue”, “My Favorite Holiday”, blue“Ohhhh it’s Autumn” and “Flowers and Flowers and Flowers”.  I have 36 boards.  A board is composed of things of a similar theme, such as “Blue”, which includes blue things.  Flowers, santaclauspencils, paint, sea water, birds and this lovely blue bowl. “My Favorite Holiday” is Christmas (but if you’ve been reading, you should already know that).  I have over 250 pins on that board.  It has many Santas, snowy scenes, artwork, more Santas, reindeer, snowmen, and decorations

Another favorite category is “Things I’d Like to Make”.  It’s mostly crafts and recipes.  Most of the crafts are crochet, or very easy sewing, as sewing is not my best thing.  Neither is crochet, but most of the crochet projects are fairly easy.  At least they look easy.  I won’t know till I try them out.  The recipes, on the other hand, just look delicious.  I’m probably never going to make my own Peppermint Lip Balm (though it looks fun) or the granny tote (made with granny squares), but I just might get to the Cheesy Baked Tomatoes or the Pumpkin Angel Food Cake Bars this Fall.  But they’re fun to pin and imagine myself making.

“Flowers and Flowers and Flowers” is one of the prettiest boards I have.  While this could be my motto, killing plantsI love to look at pretty flowers.  I just can’t grow them.  My house is where plants come to die.  It’s sad, but it’s true.  But on the internet I’ve found hibiscusdozens of pictures of beautiful flowers I can look at any time I want and be assured I’ll do them no harm.  I mean… how beautiful is this hibiscus?  And it will look as beautiful in 6 months!  

Pinterest also has some things that just defy explanation or definition, but you’re drawn to them anyway.  This is my joey“Interesting, Pretty or Odd things I’ve Found on Pinterest” board.  A hodgepodge of miscellany. 

Really.  You did, didn’t you?  I did.pumpkinbowl

circlesClever, huh?

Ok, this one made my head hurt a

I’m glad someone thought of this.  It sure wasn’t me.  I can’t wait to try it.crayons

Someone has too much time on their hands?  Maybe.  But it’s pretty.

Then there are things I just “like”.  I don’t plan to make them, I won’t be going there, I’m not going to buy it.  But I can appreciate it.  Some of them are “how to” instructions.  How to make a Minky Blanket.  How to spray paint beans to make them ‘decorative’.  How to make your own gift bags.  How to make a no-sew sleeping bag.  How to make your own water color paints.  How to make alcoholic lollipops.  Some of them are sewing projects:  mug rugs, hand warmers, tote bags. I’ll probably never make them.  But you never know.  I may win the lottery one day and wonder what to do with all my free time!  (hahaha)

There’s also how to clean things, crayon art, lots of pumpkin carving sites, and recipes.  Lots and lots of recipes.  Not sure I’ll ever make them but they were smoothieworth “liking” just in case some day I DO want to make them.  Caramel Crispix, Pumpkin Smoothies, Limoncello, Honey Bananas,

And artwork and quilts.  I love to look at quilts.  That was always greatpumpkinone of my favorite parts of the Arizona State Fair when I lived there, the quilt competition.  I don’t quilt, but I’d love to have a Snowman Quilt, Pineapple Salsa, Amish Design, Great Pumpkin, Jigsaw Puzzle, (I don’t know what to call THIS one but I like it!) or a Japanese wave quilt of my very own!

Got an “Elf on the Shelf”?  Pinterest can help you pose him every day.  Have an overabundance of Mason jars?  Pinterest is the place paintchipto learn how to use them.  Like playing with glitter?  Look on Pinterest.  Want to use the 2,000 paint chips you have laying around doing nothing?  Here’s an idea from Pinterest.  Looking for an idea for a new casserole, appetizer, adult beverage –>> Pinterest.   Want to see something; pretty, amazing, clever, cute, nostalgic, wise or adorable?  Just hit up Pinterest.

I have an “Artsy” board, a “Music” board, a “Legendary” board, a “Beach” board, and a “Mary Englebreit” board.  I don’t know when to stop.  I’m thinking of creating a “Stained Glass” board.

I have over 4,000 things pinned and I could go on for hours.  But if you were wondering what Pinterest was all about, there ya go.

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One Response to Isn’t that Pinteresting?

  1. Well written, entertaining, and all around cool. Your talents are extensive. Pinterest should hire you as a publicist!

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