Labor Day 2013 – Part 2

Because I posted a Part 1, I was compelled to post a Part 2.  Even though I sat in the house and shredded paper and watched Waltons movies all day.crop circle

Oh, I managed to pin some Crop Circles too.  About 9 of them I think.  This was the first.  It looks like a musical note to me.  Or like a 45 rpm record with music emanating from it.  (or a big green & ivory carpet)

It got to be 9:45 and I hadn’t had any dinner.  I ended up scraping together the remnants of 2 boxes of cereal.  Cooking was not on my agenda this weekend.  Though reheating was.  I managed some more chili nachos this afternoon.  They must have kept me going for quite a while.  However, I’m still hungry now.  I have some BelVita cookies I’ll much on with my evening glass of water.  (yes, water.)

But now I’m showered and shampooed and getting ready to hop into bed with one of my library books.  Long day tomorrow, I’m working 9-2 and 5-10.  Lookout feet!

See ya soon, racoons!

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