Labor Day 2013 – Part 1

Ok, so I’m not working at either of my part-time jobs, but I am working this weekend.  At home.  I’m working on the mess I call my “office”.  I’m shredding and filing and scanning paper today (Sunday).  It’s not what I want to be doing… I want to be doing something crafty.  One of the dozen crafty things I could be doing.  But, I’ve got two full days I can devote to organizing and I intend to use them.

However, ALL work and NO play makes Carol very grumpy, so I’m also watching TV and since I ate my lunch, I’m sipping on Pinot Grigio.  The Family Channel was showing some “girly” movies — Legally Blonde, When In Rome... kept me amused and distracted from the “fun” I was having sifting through reams of paper I no longer really need.

Once I realized I no longer needed most of the paper, it was easy to shredget rid of most of it.  I’ve come across a few things I do want to keep, and some I’m not sure I should toss — those last things I scanned into the computer for retrieval should I eventually need them.  Receipts, doctor bills, thank you cards, articles — scanned then shredded.  As a paper-person, this is a big step.  I have 2 bags of shredding and my recycle bag is bulging.  The actual “keep” pile is relatively small.  I feel quite triumphant!

From “paper” I move on to the “junk” category.  I define “junk” as anything I’ve kept more than 2 years for no specific reason other than that I didn’t want to get rid of it. This is going to be my hardest category to go through. It includes things like a broken food scale, a half of a DIY frame, and a set of old shower curtain rings.

You may know I’m on Pinterest.  I love Pinterest.  I’ve found so many great recipes, crafts, and just pictures there I can’t tell you.  Well, actually, I can.  As of this writing, I have 36 boards with 2,002 pins and I have “liked” 2,051 ideas.  But I keep going back to the crafts and if I had all the time in the world, I don’t think I could even start all the ideas I’ve pinned.  Some people may say I’ve got too much time on my hands.  But no, I’m just interested in the cool things other people have gone out of their way to discover or invent, therefore saving me the time of wishing someone would!   Lately, I’m being drawn to “jello shots” pages.  Yes, you heard that Strawberry Margarita Jello Shotsright.  Jello. Shots.  I only wish I had enough room in my fridge to make them.  Unfortunately it’s packed to the gills and there’s nowhere flat in there to put the shots so they’ll ‘set’.  This fact really bums me out.  Yet, I continue to look up Jello shots on Pinterest.  Besides the margarita shots shown in the picture, I found some ‘smores’ jello shot that you make inside marshmallows.  Un huh.  Sounds yummy, eh?  I want them and I want them bad!

I’m also busy pinning “autumnal” things.  Pictures, recipes, decorating, crafts, landscapes.. you name it.  Not Halloween… not Thanksgiving.  autumnAutumn.  Punkins, apples, leaves.  Although it is Labor Day weekend, the “unofficial end of Summer”, I foresee summer continuing until mid October, if not longer.  And I hate that.  I want to wear sweaters, walk through the golden leaves, bake things with apples and pumpkins and sit under cozy blankets.  I’m not seeing it happen till it’ll be too late.  By then I’ll be dreaming of sugarplums and Claus’s.

Anyway, all this talk about Pinning made me want to create a new post on the subject and I was temporarily distracted.  Just for 3 or 4 hours though.  Look for that post soon.  So now it’s 11:30 and I should really get this posted so I can go to sleep.  Apparently I didn’t do anything crafty.  Nor did I Pin anything new, so I guess it evened out.  🙂

I’m (not) looking forward to doing more paper shuffling tomorrow.  I hope you have something funner to do.

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