That’s Right…

It’s me.  I haven’t forgotten to write, I’ve been consumed… not by veggies4“The Tour” but by “The Cookbook”.  I may start calling it “The Cookbook that Would Not End”.  We had a meeting in late July, at which I expected we would certainly have enough time to review the entire book (300+ recipes at the time), choose a cover & dividers, and eat a lovingly prepared lunch of quiche, salad, dessert and more dessert.

I was wrong.  We only got 1/2 way through the book and the cover and dividers were un-selected.  (But our lunch was heavenly!)

So, 2 weeks later we had another meeting, where I again expected we’d put the thing to rest.  We actually (through a painful process of elimination) selected a cover we all approved of in one way or another and were satisfied with our work.

Then a committee member called me in horror!  Our beautiful and carefully chosen cover was the spitting image of the Olive Garden logo.  Oh Mon Dieu!  We had to meet again to select a new cover.  Again, through elimination we picked one we could all live with and left the meeting thinking we’d be able to hit the “send” button that night and get it on its’ merry way to printhood. 

SNAG:  It didn’t happen that night. I realized that on one of our “personal pages” I’d forgotten to include the years our Pastors served.  I’d look it up first thing the next morning and hit SEND.

SNAG:  I looked up the Pastor information, gave the book one final glance (and found a few things to change — abbreviations and such), and was ready to hit the magic SEND button.

SNAG:  In order to order the books without an up front payment, I needed 2 signatures and SS#s.  And since I had to go to “job 2” that afternoon, it was unlikely I’d get finished that night.  But come hell or high water, I’d fax the signature pages the next afternoon when I went to work and it would be off my plate.

SNAG:  We have somewhat “older” technology in our office and our Fax machine is not always compatible with the fax at the other end of the line.  I must have tried faxing it 8 times and kept getting “Communication Error” and lost a little hair and got a few wrinkles.  Ok, worry lines.  I’d have to go to FedEx/Kinkos that afternoon and PAY to have it sent.

SUCCESS!  Yesterday afternoon, the signature pages went happily into hyper-fax-space and the elephant moved his foot off my back. 

As a reward, I overate Chinese food last night. Today, I don’t even want to think about food.  Drink, however, is another story….

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One Response to That’s Right…

  1. kmsoverton says:

    The cookbook will be wonderful—can’t wait to see it. Your leadership was THE driving force behind it.

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