But I do what I can. 

First, you have to understand:  IT’S JULY.  I am consumed by the Tour de France.  I watch in the morning.  I watch when I get home from work.  I watch before bed.  The same race all thrtouree times in a single day.  Today is a rest day for them.  I played Bunco. And now I’m going to watch the recap of the first 9 days of the Tour.  Lucky for me there’s a TV next to the computer, where I’ve also been typing in recipes.  Bryna dearest.>

Ok, so now that you understand that, please also understand that I’m trying to diet.  So naturally, all I think about is eating.  What am I going to eat?  When am I going to eat it?  How much of it am I going to eat?  When can I eat again?  How many calories are there in raspberry preserves and can I have some with my single slice of toast and Smart Balance butter for breakfast without breaking the calorie bank.  (Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that IHOP had a 55¢ pancake special today to celebrate their 55th anniversary.  Yup… I ate a short stack of pancakes and 2% milk AND left a tip for $3.00.)  Then I went to Bunco, where food is also served.  In an attempt to not overeat at Bunco, I ate “dinner” before I left.  An ear of corn, a tomato and a serving of my zucchini bake concoction.  Yes, I was still hungry.  I’m still hungry now and I had a sliver of Marie Calendar’s chocolate cream pie at Bunco.  And Chex Mix.  And cheese.  And half a dozen pringles.  And a bottle of strawberry daiquiri.  Also, typing recipes isn’t helping.  I would say the majority of them are dessert recipes, and they are tempting. (Use Ritz crackers… hey, I have Ritz crackers… and shredded cheddar… hey I have that too…  You see where this is going?)

Watching TV generally leads to eating.  Except I can’t. So yesterday (Sunday) in an attempt to “not be hungry” I drank about 8 glasses of water.  I got a lot of exercise going up and down to the bathroom all day. (I also worked at church yesterday because the other girl was sick and I didn’t have time to do my regular Sunday morning breakfast, so I ate an apple danish and was ravenous when I got home.)

So with the exception of watching TV and thinking about food, I haven’t been doing much.  Except I did wake up this morning for a great idea for one of my felt projects and I am busy trying to see if it’s viable. 

Just what I need.  Another project. 

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One Response to IT AIN’T EASY BEIN’… BORING.

  1. kmsoverton says:

    Your style is always engaging, and this is a perfect example.

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