V-A- C-A- T-I-O-N in the Summer Time!

Maybe you remember the song by Connie Francis?  Today’s PLINKY answer  is about vacationing:  What’s your dream tourist destination — either a place you’ve been and loved, or a place you’d love to visit? What about it speaks to you?

We’re on vacation, havin’ lots of fun
V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N in the summer sun

So, my dream tourist vacation is the beach (I’ll get more into this in a minute.)  I spent every summer at “the shore”.  Yes, the Jersey Shore.  We called it that before those nasty children were born.  Probably before their parents were born.  But the shore was a great place to be in the 60s.  We’d go down when school got out and come back after the big LABOR DAY blowout — just in time for school to start again.  We’d spend the whole summer jumping into the water, playing outside, eating fresh corn and tomatoes and I spent a lot of time reading.  I also wrote letters to my “friends back home”.

But my DREAM DESTINATION is in the Caribbean.  Warm azure beach3water, soft sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and cabanas on the beach.  My dream is to have a hotel room or a villa DIRECTLY on the beach.  Open the door and there it is.  Yeah.  That’s my dream. Ideally, it would be my own beach… no other people there to crowd me.  I could swim, sun, read, and have those nice umbrella drinks with no one to cast their judgmental eyes upon me.

I would love to spend a week — or a month — holed up in such a place.  No phone, no TV.  Maybe just the computer for writing purposes (so, no internet, but, how would I get my plinky prompts?  And how would I share my profound thoughts with you?)  Maybe that’s too primitive.  But no phone and no TV.  I could live without that for a while.

Beach and SurfWhat about it speaks to me?  The warmth, the sun, the water.  I am a waterbaby.  I could stay in the water for days.  That pruney look works for me.  (no, not really.) But still, I love the water.  And if I’m going to be in the water, it might as well be somewhere perfect.  Sure, I could go to a lake, or Cape Cod.  But why?  Umbrella drinks work so much better when the umbrella is keeping out the sun, not the rain. 

At night, I’d like to sit out and watch the stars.  (Bug free, of course!)  Soft music in the background (maybe some smooth jazz, maybe some Vivaldi), soft sky up above.  I’m also a sucker for sunsets. So I’ll be sure to put that on my “to do” list. 

So if you’re looking for me but you can’t find me, look on the beach4beach.  Under an umbrella drink.  Or a palm tree.  Or in the water.  But look in the Caribbean.  It’s a safe bet, that’s where I’ll be!

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