So my 30 days are up and what… I’m abandoning you?  No, I’ve been writing 2 other blogs and haven’t had much else to say.  Well, there’s “the Tour” but I don’t think you really want to hear about the adrenaline and heart palpitations I’m having.  Do you?

Yesterday I went out and did errands… and spent some money.  It’s hard to go out and not spend money.  But I got a much needed haircut and got an oil change — I think my car is happy now too.  Then I watched more of the Tour and did more research and watched the Tour again and did more research.  Yes, even as I type this, I’m watching the team time trials that I missed at 9 AM today.  Yes, work is interfering with the Tour.  I should take the month of July off.  Oh wait.  I can’t.  Bummer.

The Fourth of July is coming and I have the day off.  Since most fireworksholidays are on Monday, and Monday is my “day off”, I usually don’t get the “holiday”.  But since it’s on Thursday… I’m included!  Pretty cool.  No, no plans yet, but I’m contemplating a barbeque on the deck — weather permitting.  Frankly, they’re not predicting a spiffy day, so my expectations are not high.  I have plenty to do indoors.  Research.  Reading.  TV.  Sleep.  Drinking.  I can fill a day very easily. I could fill a month pretty easily.

I still don’t know what’s going on at the store.  Will they want me back?  Is my new availability acceptable?  Hmm?  I suppose I need to find out when the manager is there and see what he’s thinking.  (Ok, I know what he’s thinking, but I mean about this!)   I could use another month off.  I have a lot of research for my other 2 blogs.  My secret blogs.  I’ll spill the beans about them in some future post… some time in the future… 🙂

I have almost 200 recipes, but I’m still waiting for some from YOU!  You know where to send them.  I know you can cook.  I KNOW you can!  (Even you guys!)  Send me something!tour

Apparently I’m not paying much attention to the time trials while I’m writing, so I’m going to go.  I just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten you and make sure you’re all still ok.

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One Response to So…what?

  1. kmsoverton says:

    Carol: I have enjoyed your writing. Good luck with your future plans…. Will you revive this blog now and then? Oh… and I meant to tell you I like your word design on the side of the blog.

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